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6 places to enjoy a delicious gourmet lunch in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

Shinagawa (品川)is best known as a business district but when you go there you can also feel a real sense of history.
With its excellent access from the Shinagawa Station, this area is a wonderful place to come to enjoy a gourmet lunch.
So whether you are arriving by plane at the Haneda Airport (羽田空港) or by train at the Toyo station (東京駅), it will be convenient to stop in at one of these area restaurants to enjoy a gourmet lunch.


This Shinagawa tavern offers two specialty types of meat and national sake!

Kiraku (喜楽) natural food tavern is located 3 minutes from the JR Shinagawa Station, in Tokyo.
Their two juicy, soft specialty types of meat (Ozaki beef and Umeyama pork) are amazing!
For lunch, they feature food made with luxurious ingredients at affordable prices such as Shabu Shabu & grilled Shabu Shabu (1480 yen) and steamed Seiromushi (1480).
There are many excellent food items on their menu with drinks to match!
They have sake from all 47 prefectures of Japan in stock.
Their guest rooms provide private seating, so you can come in and relax.
【Spot name】Natural ingredients * private bar easy-KIRAKU-Shinagawa
【Address】Renaissance 2 Bldg 4F 2-4-18 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】Mon-Sat 5:00p.m. to 12:30a.m.
            Sat, Sun, Holidays 3:00p.m. to 12::30 a.m.
【Closed on Mondays】Open every day

Rich with the flavor of Hokkaido, this Shinagawa tavern sticks to Hokkaido ingredients!

Hokkaido Rumoi Marche at Shinagawa’s East (北海道 留萌マルシェ 品川イーストワンタワー) one Tower is just a 2-minute walk from JR Shinagawa Station, Tokyo.
It features food made with Hokkaido ingredients such as Rosso noodle with sea urchin cream (1400 yen) and Rosso noodle salad (900 yen).
This is one of the few shops in Tokyo that offer 100% whole wheat, Rosso noodles.
They also offer a lunchtime special of Mashikesun-mizutako-kamameshi (908 yen).
【Spot name】Hokkaido rumoi Marche Shinagawa East one Tower
【Address】Shinagawa East one Tower B1 2-16-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】
 Lunch 11:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.(Last order 2:00p.m.)
 Dinner 5:00p.m. to 11:00p.m. (Last order at 10:30p.m.)
 Lunch noon to 2:30p.m. (Last order at.2:00p.m.)
 Dinner 5:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. (Last order at.9:30p.m.)
【Closed on】Sundays, national holidays, year-end and new year holidays

Enjoy a delicious grilled meat lunch!

yakiniku pyua
Grilled Meat Pure Shinagawa (焼肉 ぴゅあ 品川店) is located on the 2nd floor of the Shinagawa Front building. This JA farm direct retail meat store and restaurant offers domestic beef short ribs, beef thigh, and pork Sheng.
For lunch, they feature a “beef and pork variety set” (1,300 yen)
For those who want to eat other kinds of meat, a mini grill is recommended, such as “Karubikuppa lunch” (900 yen) or” Bibimbap lunch (800 yen).
Lunch is only served on weekdays!
Come and enjoy lots of delicious beef at one of the Shinagawa area’s most delicious BBQ restaurants.
【Spot name】Grilled Meat Pure Shinagawa
【Address】Shinagawa front 2F 2-3-13 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】
 Lunch 11:30a.m. to 3:00p.m.
 Dinner 4:00p.m. to 11:00p.m.
 3:00p,m to 10:00p.m.
【Closed on】Sundays, national holidays, year-end and new year holidays

Enjoy a delicious lunch at this beer café!

Leuven is directly connected to the Shinagawa station building.
Come and enjoy authentic Rotisserie style cooking like you would expect to find in Europe!
It features Rotisserie chicken lunch (1,300yen) and Belgium Belgium-style hamburger lunch (1,000 yen).
You can also have a Belgium beer that is poured from the tap or choose from a large variety of bottled beer.
In addition, there is a star Beermeister on staff who can recommend a beer to enjoy with your meal.
【Spot name】Leuven
【Address】4F Atre Shinagawa 2-18-1 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】Lunch 11:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.
            Beer Cafe 3:00p.m. to 5:00p.m.
            Dinner 5:00p.m. to midnight
【Closed on Mondays】Whenever the Building closes

Enjoy lunchtime with cuisine from Spain!

Lirio is located in the Shinagawa Grand Passage Building.
You can enjoy authentic Spanish meals in this brightly lit space overlooking Central Garden.
Its lunch menu features tapas plates, loco-moco pork, and Paella Mirin.
If you visit on weekends and holidays, we recommend the holiday special lunch. Tapas ajillo, coca (Spanish bread) and drink served in a set. ( 2,100 yen).
【Spot name】Lirio
【Address】Grand passage B1 (within Grand Central Tower) 2-16-3 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】
 Lunch 11:30a.m. to 3:00p.m.(Last order at 2:00p.m.)
 Dinner 5:00p.m. to 11:00p.m. (Last order at.10:00p.m.)
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
 11:30a.m. to 11:00p.m. (Last order at. 10:00p.m.)
【Closed on】Regular holidays

Meet the Merlion at this Singapore specialty gourmet food shop!

At the Singapore Seafood Republic, you can meet a merlion and enjoy the cuisine of Singapore.
You will enjoy having a fresh large mud crab prepared for your meal!
They feature chili crab and arcane specialties.
Their special lunch feature is the fried bread, salad, and soup “Chili crab set (2,700 yen).
Every day’s food items are made with fresh ingredients from Shinagawa.
You can enjoy your meal in the dining hall, in a private room, or on the terrace.
【Spot name】Singapore Seafood Republic
【Address】Sinergawagoos front yard 3-13-3 Takanawa Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】11:00a.m. to 11:00p.m
            Lunch 11:00a.m. to 3:30p.m. (Last order at 3:30p.m.)
            Tea 3:30p.m. to 4:30p.m.
            Dinner 4:30p.m. to 11:00p.m. (Last order at 10:00p.m.)
【Closed on Mondays】Open every day