How to smoothly pass through the security checkpoint at the Airport!

Do you get nervous when passing through the security checkpoint at the airport?
When passing through the security gate, or when the bag is passed through the metal detector do you get worried?
When the alarm is ringing, do you get flustered trying to figure out what they caught?

If you understand the safety inspection process the checkpoint does not have to be a scary barrier.

So let’s learn what you need to know to pass through the security checkpoint smoothly!

※ This article only covers domestic flights.


Give yourself enough time to get through to your flight.

It varies with each airline how long you will have to get through the security checkpoint. For example in the case of LCC, the boarding gate is located a long distance from the security checkpoint so you must go early enough to be able to make it through and walk for the far distance to the boarding gate.

So you need to be aware of how long much time it will take you to get through and how much time it will take you to get to your boarding area.
JAL, ANA and Peach airlines give you 15 minutes before the departure time. Jetstar gives you 25 minutes. Skymark will give you 20 minutes. So to avoid anxiety don’t wait until the last minute.

Give yourself enough time to relax a little before heading to the security checkpoint.


When you pass through the metal detector, there are things that you should not be wearing!

The following is a list of things you need to put in a tray before going through the X-ray inspection equipment.
Smartphone, mobile, any metals from your pockets, any electronic equipment, wallets, watches, purses, coins. keys, digital cameras, accessories, etc.
Belts with a big buckle or those decorated with metal.
※ There is no need to remove your jacket on domestic flights, except they may have you take off a jacket with a zipper.
※ If there is a metal reaction in the metal detector there will be a re-inspection. Or they may choose to do a body check and ask you to remove your shoes and belt. Once removed they will ask you to pass through again.

Things you should remove from your bag!

Although you will not be able to pass through the gate with your wallet in hand,
It is ok to send it through in your bag placed on the x-ray belt.
There are things that should be removed from your bag before sending it through the X-ray machine.

Please remove: PC, large tablet, large battery, electronic devices in general, insect repellent spray, hair spray (Only one lighter is allowed.) Hair iron, clothes iron
Liquids in bottles and even water bottles (If a bottle is opened or in a flask they will check it by smelling it)

Small separate items need to be placed in a tray. Be aware that taking a long time to remove each small item may cause people behind you to get upset. So it is best to place them in a plastic bag in advance.

There are things that you can not carry on in your baggage!

The following things must be left in the luggage you deposit at the airport counter. In other words, do not take these items to the security checkpoint:
Cutlery (such as scissors, knives), pointed objects, certain sports items (golf clubs, baseball bat, etc.).
• If prohibited items are found in your bag you will have to return to the ticket counter to put them in your luggage or you can give them up as abandoned goods.

Prepare in advance and check one last time.

Remember. There are things that you just can not carry on with you pass the security checkpoint. Prepare in advance and check it last time to make sure you don’t have any prohibited items with you.


【important! 】

When passing through the security checkpoint, your airline ticket with a bar code is required.
Many times people are distracted by the things that they have to remove from their bags in order to pass through the gate. It is not uncommon that someone forgets where they put their ticket. The delay in looking for your ticket may become a nuisance to the person behind you. So prepare to pass through the security gate with your ticket firmly at hand.

Some people think that this is a tedious process, but Safety inspection is important in keeping our airline travel safe.

Once you know what items must be removed while going through the security checkpoint there is nothing to worry about!
Just follow the guidance we have provided here and listen to the people in charge of the safety inspection and you will be able to pass through the security checkpoint smoothly.