How to smoothly rent a car at the Naha airport!

When planning to go to Okinawa and explore from the North to the South of the island the convenience of a rental car is something you will appreciate.
Tourists from the Mainland generally rent a car at Naha airport.
If it is your first time to use a rental car at the LCC terminal
all the procedures can be a bit puzzling.
So we’ve created this guide to help the process go a little smoother at the Naha airport.


Transportation to the car rental company office

During the travel season the Naha airport car rental company becomes
very crowded. Even if you have a reservation it may take a couple of hours
In front of the domestic terminal there is a bus stop to transfer you to the office of the car rental company. There is a staff member from each car rental company to guide you, as well as a schedule for every shuttle bus and individual transport companies.
-Car rental company operates buses on time
The main rental car companies listed below operate a shuttle that has a departure about every 15-20 minutes.
• Sky rent a car Naha airport Branch Office
• Orix rent-a-car Naha Airport branch
• Times car rental Naha airport-Mae
• Nissan rent-a-car Naha, shop 1
• Nippon rent-a-car Naha airport before Banyan branch
• Fujilentaker Naha Branch Office
• ABC rentals Naha airport Branch Office
• OTS car hire temporary empty toyosaki Sales Office
• Toyota rental lease Naha Airport branch
* You must mention your arrival time at the time of booking.
-Rental car companies that provide Individual transportation.
The following major car rental companies will pick you up at the time of your arrival if you notify them and request a pickup time when you book your car rental:
• Naha airport in front of travel car rental office.
• Steering Naha South rental
• Naha Naha airport rental
-Car rental company that can go to the LCC Terminal
There are admission regulations for the Naha airport LCC Terminal and
only certain rental car companies can pick up there.
The companies that can pick you up there are as follows:
• Nippon rent-a-car Naha airport before Banyan branch
• Toyota rental lease Naha Airport branch
• OTS car rental subsidiary akamine Sales Office
• Orix rent-a-car Naha airport member dealers
* Not all car rental companies will travel to Peach and Vanilla airlines. Check in advance which ones will if traveling on either of these airlines.
* You can go to the domestic terminal by shuttle bus from the LCC Terminal so you can use other rental car companies that are still available.

Rental car company shuttle bus terminal (domestic terminal)

Located in front of the domestic terminal main exit at the Naha airport
is the bus stop for the rental car shuttle bus.
So don’t stop at the car rental counter go directly to the bus stop.
There is a representative for each car rental company representative waiting at the bus stop.
The shuttle bus leaves every 15 to 20 minutes.
During the summer travel season the shuttle bus can get very crowded so be careful.
So you leave yourself plenty of time to catch your return flight, be sure and ask how long your wait time will be.

Procedures at the car rental office.

When you arrive at the car rental office you will need to follow an identity verification process. First, show your driver’s license and reservation form. If you booked at a travel agency, please show them your itinerary.
If you plan on having someone drive (other than the applicant) you are required to present a driver’s license for all other drivers. Failure to do so will create a problem if there is an accident.
If all drivers can’t make it to the car rental office,
prepare a copy of their driver’s license and show it to the representative.
Car rental is generally prepaid, but you can pay when you return for an extra fee.
Many people who have accidents end up paying for it on their own insurance and often times the entire amount of the cost for repair is not covered. You can purchase additional coverage from the car rental company for around 1000 to 1500 yen that will cover up to 150000 yen that is not covered by your policy.
You want to check before leaving the office about return trips to the airport.

Make sure gas stations near the Office

In most rental plans you are required to return the car with a full tank of gas.
So before you leave be sure and program into your navigation system the location of the nearest gas station and the address of the rental car office.

Return has the spare time

At peak times, such as during the tourist season the car rental return process
can take as much as an hour. So don’t wait until the last minute to return your car. Return your car with plenty of time to spare or you might end up going past your boarding time and missing your flight.
So please use this information when using a car rental company and have a safe, smooth, and enjoyable trip.