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Do not miss this superb southern tourist viewpoint. Niraikanai Bridge

For those coming to tour the main island of Okinawa for the first time as well as others who are looking for a superb sightseeing tour “This is absolutely it!”
I strongly recommend the Niraikanai Bridge in Nanjo.
The view from the superb cafe “Curcuma”
This bridge is 0.75 miles in total length total length with a superb view of it from the cafe “Curcuma.” It is in the middle of a prefectural road No. 86 towards the world heritage location of. Sefa Utaki It is a beautiful bridge consisting of two bridges, the Nilai Bridge and Kanai Bridge.
It is graceful its appearance like dragons meandering across the sky.
“Island of God” Kudaka
“Island of God” Kudaka or “sunrise spot” Chinenmisaki park is a great place where you can overlook the uninhabited small island. Early in the morning from here you can look to your heart’s content at the sea and sky. Enjoying the changing view as time goes by into the evening hours.


Moonlit night is also recommended

uninhabited island
View of an uninhabited island
Niraikanai Bridge
Niraikanai Bridge
Perfect to admire the moonlit night, it’s also a very romantic place. For example, how the full moon rises from the nearby Kudaka and ascends slowly towards the zenith is breathtaking. It illuminates the jet black sea in pure light.
The moon and the sky weave an ethereal view with the sea.
It’s beauty you will never forget.

The Niraikanai

Pure Land.
The bridge was named Niraikanai
It was believed that the kingdom of God was located in the far east of the sea. It was said that this location is Utopia, Paradise, Pure Land.
This place became known to a lot of people from the 4 movie “Letter from Niraikanai” that starred Yuu Aoi. Before that, it was only known by people who are interested in spiritual matters, folklore and Okinawan history and culture.

Where I think about the spirit world

It is another superb view from the top of the tunnel.
Niraikanai is a place where all life is nurtured. It is believed that the spirits of deceased ancestors come here and serve as guardians.
When standing on the bridge you can quietly look at the sky and sea overhead and imagine Ryukyu and Genesis God Amamikiyo in this holy world bringing grace to the humans living here.

In this sense, the Niraikanai Bridge also serves to connect two worlds. The world of God and man.

Smart tip
  • If you like Blue sea and sky visit in the afternoon. If you want to see a shining sea sparkling visit in the early hours of the morning. If you want to enjoy the view of a moonlit night it is best to visit from the 14th to the 17th night of the month. If you visit on a sunny day you will be able to see the light shimmering on the sea.
  • Between the Nilai Bridge Kanai Bridge (If you are coming from the seaside, after the first big curve go up from the sea to the left side and you will find a parking space. If coming from the mountain side turn right after the second curve. ☆ Please do not park or stopped on the bridge. You will just get in the way of traffic and could cause an accident.
  • There is another superb view point overlooking the "Niraikanai Bridge." In the vicinity of the tunnel on the mountain side near the (Ground Self-Defense Force), there is a side road to the right where you can park and take about a 2-minute walk to the top of the tunnel.
What's interesting

You will be thrilled by the view of Niraikanai Bridge from your car, but you can better enjoy the breathtaking scenery because there is a sidewalk you can take a walk and that I highly recommend.