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The nearest Island to Naha airport, Senaga Island is a new place to visit!

Senega Island
Senega Island (瀬長島) is a 15 minutes drive from Naha airport (那覇空港). This small island looks like an extension of the runway. Senaga Island has many beautiful views overlooking the East China Sea. Many also enjoy watching the planes flying over the island. It has a wonderful natural Beach and spectacular open air bath. In the summer of 2015, the Umikaji Terrace (ウミカジテラス)
opened providing more attractions.
special location


This is a special location!

It only takes about 5 minutes to go around the island by car. This tiny island is often overlooked because it is so close to the airport.
senagashimakaichu road
Getting to the island is very easy. From the airport, you drive in the direction of Tomigusuku to senagashimakaichu road.
This road turns into a bridge connecting the island to the mainland.
You can also reach the island on this road on foot or by bike. This road is much smaller than Uruma city marine road.
It is an exciting bridge to travel over with the planes flying overhead!
plane watching
From the familiar domestic airliners to the unusual overseas planes, there is plenty of opportunities to enjoy plane watching.
Naha airport is unusual in that it has both commercial and military planes landing here.
It creates an explosion of sound with all the jet fighters and military helicopters.
For the airplane watching fan, it is a special landscape that should not be missed.

Birth of Senaga Island’s Umikaji Terrace

Following the Road Trail, you will see on the opposite side of the island an all-white area. This new spot is the Umikaji Terrace (瀬長島ウミカジテラス).
Opened in the summer of 2015, Senaga Island’s Umikaji Terrace.
Umikaji Terrace
The facility is built into the slope of the terrain. The design was inspired by the Santorini and Amalfi resorts’ construction concepts.
The facility’s gourmet restaurants and various stores have an ocean view overlooking the Kerama Islands.
enjoyable at sunset
There is a beautiful view of the horizon all day that is especially enjoyable at sunset.

Be the airplane pilot!

Along with the many interesting shops here there is a special attraction in the
“Flying Experience Amusement Trailer” (トライエア). It is a real flight simulator that is used for flight training.
You can journey to the heavens without having to leave the ground. According to its creator, (Mr. Hayashida’s of the Planning Division) you can first practice
in a small aircraft then advance to a jumbo jet. In addition, you can select a simple or more challenging difficult route.
It is only 500 yen per flight and is open to children and adults of all ages.
SunRoom Sweets
Among the restaurants, you will find pizzas sold by weight at “Vorale” and mango desserts at the “SunRoom Sweets”
You can purchase many different foods to take with you for your drive or just enjoy them as you walk around the maze-like facility.

Ryukyu springs that have healing power!

This huge rock remained and is a place that married couples from all over the prefecture come and pray for children and their safe delivery.
With its mysterious beauty, this place has been revered as a holy place since the Ryukyu era.
No one has lived here since the destruction of the area during World War II,
but there are remnants of the former village all over the place.
Senaga Island Hotel
Ryukyu hot springs (龍神の湯) are located on the hill of the island at the Senaga Island Hotel (瀬長島ホテル).
It is one of the prefecture’s most valuable natural hot springs. It is a good spring that helps the body’s ability to keep warm and is believed to help women who are trying to get pregnant.
Umikaji Terrace
The hot tubs have views of the sea to the Kerama Islands, as well as views of planes taking off from Naha airport and the Umikaji Terrace.
We recommend a bath on the last day of the trip, so you can feel nice and relaxed for your journey home.

Smart tip
  • Airplane takeoffs and landings provide an exciting view that is even more spectacular at night when the runway is lit up.
  • It is possible to swim at Senaga beach. It is considered one of the more valuable natural beaches in the southern part of Okinawa. However, there are no dressing rooms or nets for jellyfish protection, so be prepared!
  • It is surprising to have hot springs in the South where it is already so hot! However the hot springs here have some of the best views on this part of the Island, it is a great place to relax and heal the body.
What's interesting

With its soothing hot springs offering spectacular ocean views, this small island is high on the list of the best attractions of Okinawa.