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Kouri Bridge to Kouri Island: A Superb view you are going to love.

Kouri Island
Kouri Bridge opened in 2005.Tourists, as well as local residents, love Kouri Island. It has wonderful cafes and interesting places to visit such as the “Kouri Ocean Tower”,
In the future, it is likely to become even more popular and get crowded, but for now,
beautiful beaches of this charm packed island are very inviting.


Kouri Bridge.

 Kouri Bridge.
You can go from two ways to the Kouri Island. You can come from the road that goes through Yagachi to from the main island of Okinawa, and you can come across the Warumi Bridge from Nakijin direction,

When you get around the place in the road where you see the sign “Kouri Island”,
Be prepared. The cheers of the first impression of the island could be quite loud.
Before crossing the bridge you might want to spend some time around the entrance.
There is a place to park there but the parking lot is quite small and fills up easily. However, it doesn’t take long for a space to open up in the parking lot.
It is a nice view of the Kouri Bridge from this location. Which by the way is still in Yagachito.
Kouri Bridge is a bridge that you can enjoy its beauty from various angles.
After viewing the bridge from underneath at Kouri Beach it is also a good idea to park the car at the parking lot and walk across the bridge.
It is truly a beautiful spot that you can enjoy the view of the sea, island and bridge from many different viewing spots.

Let’s enjoy the new attraction “Kouri Ocean Tower” of Kouri Island!

 Kouri Island
Before Kouri Bridge was built there was simply beautiful beaches and an idyllic village. But there really wasn’t much to do there. So they built “Kouri Ocean Tower.” which is now a symbol of the island.
automatic cart
To explore the area first you get into an automatic cart that takes you to the tower.
The cart takes a course that goes up a gradual hill providing a superb view that overlooks the Kouri Bridge.
There are a few carts decorated with a pattern of hearts. If you get one of these special carts consider yourself lucky.
At the top of the tower there is shell Museum which is exhibiting over 10,000 the world’s variety of shellfish.
There are many rare and beautiful shellfish. I’m sure you will be surprised that there are so many different types of shellfish to see.

Another view of Kouri Bridge

Another view
The view of Kouri Island from the third floor of the tower is breathtaking!
When you have finished looking at the shellfish take the elevator to the third floor. Here the beautiful scenery of Kouri Island is breathtaking! You can see a lot from the second floor but the view on the third floor is more impressive.
You can continue up the stairs to the roof where the scenery is magnificent!
It is an open roof with no windows to look through. Please be careful on a windy day.
You will be at about 270 feet above sea level. On a clear day can overlook Cape Hedo
Here you can have a commemorative photo taken for an additional cost.


Within the facility, there are souvenirs and a restaurant.
After coming down from the observation tower it is a good idea to take a breath.
A perfect time to shop for souvenirs or eat at a restaurant.

Ocean Blue Restaurant offers to seat with an ocean view.
Pumpkin soup carpaccio and the specialty of the island Octopus is recommended.

Let’s drive around the island!

Fureai park
The trip around Kouri Island is about 5 miles. Starting at Fureai park under the Kouri Bridge, you can circle around the island.
Along the way, there are a number of beautiful natural beaches to see. The best 3 beaches have showers. One is Kouri Beach. The others are Tinu Beach and Tokei Beach.
Chinugu Beach
Another popular beach is Chinugu Beach. Legend tells the story that Adam and Eve were on this beach and watched the dugong fall in love and they imitated them. That is why they originally called it Love Island. It is located by the side of the cape. It is the location of the annual Emperor of the Sea Festival.
Furthermore, in the southeast, there is also beautiful Hayahansachi Beach that not too many tourists go to. There are so many beaches that you can probably find a nice private spot of your own.
Hayahansachi Beach
If you go to the center of the island there is a small village. Around the village is Amajafubaru rural park which has the Highest altitude on Kouri Island. (350 feet)
There are scenic spots scattered all over the island. Please, find your favorite location!

Smart tip
  • From the third floor of the Ocean Tower if you want to see the left side of the bridge the best time is in the morning. In the afternoon, the sea side of the bridge is the better view.
  • There used to be a road that goes around Tokei beach but it was changed into a cul-de-sac you can no longer drive around this beach
  • Legend tells the story that Adam and Eve were on this island and watch the dugong fall in love and they imitated them. That is why they originally called it Love Island. The name was changed to Kui Island, then to its current name of Kouri Island. That is why selling Dugong souvenirs is popular here.
What's interesting

Over the past few years, the island has been gaining increasing attention to its high-level villas. These villas offer the type of elegance, you find large luxury hotels but does so in a more private setting, accommodating only a few groups at a time.