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Cape Hedo tourist guide: The northernmost part of the South Island

辺戸岬Okinawa northernmost land of Cape Hedo(辺戸岬). When the weather is nice, it’s attractive but can show a completely different face on a windy cloudy day, This is a special park on the Okinawa coast. I will summarize the points of interest where you can go to enjoy nature firsthand.


Route 58 superb view of the coast

Cape Hedo is a cape located village, on the north end of Kunigami Hedo. It is the north’s largest town, at the Kitayaku 30 miles of Nago. A few moments from the center of Nago, Route 58 will be on one side of a two-lane highway. Once the buildings thin out, you will be able to see the continuous view of the ridge of the mountains of the north “Yanbaru.” Also, you will be able to view the forest of Yanbaru that is along the road side right next to the shoreline.
The Route 58 is a beautiful drive that runs between the forest and the sea. Since in some places there is also a village and shops, it would be good to have a break to stop the car. Along the way, you will pass through a tunnel. There is also the old tunnel made in the old road next to it that makes an interesting sight.

The land of large natural panorama spreads across the northernmost main island of Okinawa

You will proceed through the Ginama tunnel for about half a mile then reach Cape Hedo. From the parking lot, there is a paved walking path installed. Ahead of the cape is the “homeland return struggle Monument” from which provides a superb viewpoint.
From where the monument is located when the air is clear Yoron Island is clearly visible right in front and on the left side is Iheya Island. The cape is a cliff that was made of sheer limestone. The sounds of the whitecaps breaking and the earth tremors are impressive.
Zhongshan Yokan
In addition, in January-March, you may see humpback whales traveling north around the cape. Taking the walking path to the south side of the cape you’ll find the famous Usa beach coast and the Ryukyu Kingdom Masashi “Zhongshan Yokan (Zhongshan Seikan)” ancient Holy Land, which was also written about in the Beyond the cliff ” rocky mountain of AS forest (Asumui). ”
The shape of the peak of this rock formation looks like the profile of a person. Looking close you will see the right side of the forehead, nose, the shape of the mouth. Since you are able to see a face, it is perfectly named “Kunigami!”

Caution! Okinawa rail

The south side of the cape, looking towards Usa beach coast above the forest you will see something special. In 1982 birds that cannot fly has been designated as a national natural monument. It is the Okinawa rail. It is a building in the shape of a bird. A picture is worth a thousand words, let’s take a closer look. A little ahead out of the parking lot of the Cape Hedo, there is a signpost to the observatory. Turn left at the indicator and you will go down the road that leads to the coast. Large car park is on the right-hand side. Then go up and turn right at the slope and going just beyond, you will arrive at the Okinawa rail.
Okinawa rail.
Around the parking lot, it is refreshing and is surrounded by trees. In the rear are the towering rocky mountain of forest AS. And then go up the stairs and we finally reach the observation deck of the huge Okinawa rail.
I did not notice when I was in Cape Hedo, but the place overlooking the cape, is truly spectacular.

Usa beach coast

And after the observation deck of the Okinawa rail, again going down the hill there is a Usa beach coast. Here you are surrounded mountains and Cape Hedo.
On the coast of whitecaps and an empty space is beautiful scenery that is interrupted to the south of the coast by a flowing river. Since at the end of the road there is a water supply that draws the water from the river, even if I entered the sea you can go wash out the seawater. Is not in the purpose of this place is to be exciting. It is just to imagine the quiet beauty of a starry sky.

Smart tip
  • From Cape Hedo’s only store, a menu of "Cape Hedo Koyo parlor" has been enhanced. Okinawa soba, of course, there is also a goat buckwheat.
  • Winter at Okinawa has frequent high winds during the day, especially near the coast and will feel colder than the actual temperature. Remember to bring tourist comfortable protection from the cold.
  • Described in the Kunigamison home page is "Yanbaru manners". Observe the manners, let's protect the nature of all the yan Bal!
    1. Drive your car with care!
    2. Take garbage will home!
    3. No harm to plants and animals!
    4. Go to the toilet at the appropriate facility!
    5. Pets are not allowed into the forest!
    6. Do not bother to residents!
What's interesting

Proceeding in accordance with the signs of the "walking path" from Okinawa rail observatory, you can go to Hedo village. In Okinawa, there is a lot of interesting things and places not only here. I think that I get me to know the various face with Okinawa to a lot of people.