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There is more to Maeda Misaki Cape than just snorkeling!

maedamisaki shizenkouen
When you think of snorkeling in Okinawa island, Japan many people imagine
Maeda Misaki Cape’s (真栄田岬) famous Blue Grotto. Less well known may be the fact that Maeda Cape nature park is also very special. You can enjoy this spectacular spot even without entering the water. The view from the hill overlooking the landscape of North West Coast of Okinawa can be the highlight of your trip! The park has an observatory with parking, restaurants, and walking trails.


You will be touched by the dynamic landscape that extends from the Observatory!

Standing at approximately 17 yards above sea level the covered gazebo on the tip of the cliffs of the cape overlooks the north West coast.
okinawahontou nishikaigan
The view here is of elevated coral cliffs and huge boulders typical of this region!
ryuukisangono kaigan
This dynamic landscape makes a great place for point and shoot photography.
It features Nago-Dake, lined up to the ridge mountains of the Motobu peninsula.
In addition, weather permitting from the observatory you can see dozens of miles north to the IE island in the East China sea.

The East China sea looks different in every season.

You can view out over the East China sea and never get bored. The deep
azure shine of the surface is unique and attracts many visitors.
fukaminoaru minamo
During the mild high season many enjoy the snorkeling and diving at the Blue Grotto.
It gets crowded with people. So crowded in fact that it may be overwhelming to first-time visitors.
umiwotanoshimu hitobito
On the other hand, in the Northwind season there are wild waves,
They create a strong spray that reaches all the way up to the observation deck.
The sea has many different faces and which one it shows is depending on the season.
shikioriorinihennkasuru misakifuukei

Beautiful flowers and plants are to be found enjoying the sea breeze.

If you look around a little bit you will discover the wild adan on the lawn near the observatory on South beach. Their fragrance fills the air. On the West side in early summer white yaeyamanoi bara flowers form a trail that stretches down to the water.
adangajiseisuru misaki
There is a trail that passes across the cape on the opposite (Eastern) side of the Blue Grotto that is several miles long and extends to the resort hotel. It is surrounded by tall trees and is located away from all the hustle and bustle. It is a great place to be healed naturally by the sight and sound of the sea.
This is one of Okinawa’s most popular spots and now you know you can enjoy it without even going down into the sea.

Smart tip
  • Since this is the West Coast, it is of course a notorious sunset spot!
  • When you visit the cape you must use the paid parking. On-street parking on the road is tough on the locals. They will get annoyed and call the police and you will get a ticket!
  • Unfortunately "break-ins" to the cars parked on the road have been increasing, so it is better to use the pay parking lot!
What's interesting

Have Lunch at the classic "Maeda soba cwan-cwan” and enjoy an Okinawa soba dining experience while overlooking the East China Sea.
HP : http://cwancwan.ti-da.net