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Zampa Misaki The Cape of Okinawa

One of the ways to enjoy the Okinawan sea that we’d like to recommend is seeing it from the cape. It offers a superb view of the landscape from the top of the limestone cliff. You can see whitecaps from the sea striking the cliff.
This view is a wonderful way to introduce the charm of Zampa misaki, a famous tourist spot.


The cape and the lighthouse

As you are looking at this amazing landscape, you will realize that this place is protruding from the main island of Okinawa. You will surely enjoy experiencing the thrills of this unique cape.
There is a museum inside of the lighthouse. It’s worth visiting. The admission is only 200 yen.
I recommend you not to hurry up the stairs. The staircase is steep and there are 99 steps.
The exhibition room clearly explains the history and role of the lighthouse.
From the top, you have a beautiful view of the coastline.
Near the lighthouse on one side, there is also a small shrine called “Uganju” (the worship place.) On the other side, there is a bronze statue of Taiki(who is from Yomitanson) from the Ryukyu Dynasty. He was known as the person who opened up trade with China.
Ryukyu dynasty incorporates a variety of cultures through trade with foreign countries,

“Uganju” (The worship place)


Bronze statue of Taiki from the Ryukyu Dynasty,

Don’t miss “the shaved ice bus” !

Since there is no shade, it takes a surprising amount of energy to look around the area.
When you get hot or tired, it is a good time to make your way to the “Kinjo Parlor Bus” located at the entrance of the cape. You can get Zenzai(Okinawan shaved ice) and there. The bus is constantly needed repairs and replaced every 5 years because it is so close to the ocean and suffering salt damage.
It looks a bit funny seeing this retro style bus at the cape.
Having a cool treat at the bus helps forget about the heat!

Zampa misaki is not just a cape!

“Zampa Ikoi no Hiroba Ti-da33(残波いこいの広場Ti-da33) “is an impressive park with a soccer field, tennis courts, a restaurant and petting zoo. You can purchase food and feed the goats. In addition, there are also BBQ areas and souvenir shops. There is also a huge 65-foot high statue of a lion that is worth seeing.
With so many activities inside and out Zampa is a place you can enjoy year round.
This restaurant has food for you and for the goats.
There is a petting zoo, where goats are bred.

65-foot-high Shisa(Okinawan Lion) Statue

Zampa rest of the square Ti-da3
HP : Http://Www.Ti-da33.Com/
* Call for facility hours and to answer any questions you might have.

Smart tip
  • Bring a parasol and sun protection!
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes!
  • Walk slow and carefully up the steep lighthouse steps!
What's interesting

The best location to admire the scenery and the empty sea. Since this is such a beautiful location to see the setting sun it might be better to come in the evening.