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Not only the great view The Sapporo TV Tower has A Lot More to offer

The Sapporo TV Tower is a very popular spot among tourists because the Tower has a breathtaking panoramic view of downtown Sapporo. But that is not the only reason. The Tower is actually filled with unique surprises, events that make you feel like you are in a different world and they use their original characters. They always come up with interesting ideas and you will never get tired of visiting the Tower!


“Are you scared of height?” -Watch out for this scary window.

One of the must-see places for tourists is the Sapporo TV Tower. The best thing about the Tower is the 360° view from the observatory.
The view is just beautiful because it changes depending on the time of the day and the season, but there is something else to make the view more appealing. That is a special window section called “Kowa-So. ” “Kowa-So” means “a window that looks scary.” (note: “Kowai” means “scary” and “so” means “seems like, looks like.” “So” is also a Chinese way to pronounce a Chinese character that means “window”) In that section there are 3 large windows with a single pane and the windows are angled outward. If you lean against them, you lean forward from about 300 feet high. It is so scary to look down at the ground far below.
You see the bottom of the TV Tower right under your feet and realize how high you are looking down from! If you love something thrilling, this is definitely for you!

There he is….Here he is…. His “Yurui” smile is everywhere! (note: “Yurui” means lax, relaxing & taking-it-easy. )

The Sapporo TV Tower’s character “TV To-san (TV Tower Daddy)” (note: This is a coined word of “Terebi To (TV tower)” and “tosan (father.) He is the unofficial character of the Tower but a very popular guy!
In 2002 this character captured people’s heart and since then he has been a favorite one for many. He has somewhat a dopey facial expression and you’ll see him here and there in the Tower.
The shrine in the observatory would probably be the most unique thing to see. On both sides of the red “Torii” gate, there are “Terebi Tosan” (TV Tower Daddy) & “Terebi Kasan” (TV Tower Mammy) instead of shrine guardian dogs. They say that rubbing those 2 characters will bring you a good fortune. If the paper fortune you pick happens to say “the least fortunate”, they’ll give you a not-for-sale gift instead.

The gift shop sells all kinds of “Terebi Tosan” goods and you can even take photo stickers with him in the “Pri-kura” booth. No matter where you turn, you’ll see Terebi Tosan everywhere.
The best one is “Nohohon Park” in the corner of the 3rd floor. The observatory elevator is directly connected to this spot.
Everything from chairs to tables has this character. Everybody is going to feel care-free and relaxed when surrounded by his care-free smiles.

Taste the Tower!?

The TV Tower Daddy goods are now moving into sweets. In April 2015, the TV Tower Daddy cake shop opened in the gourmet court on B1 floor.
The TV Daddy cake is the genuine depiction of the character and it is almost too cute to eat. Fluffy cake has a sweet bean paste that they use special beans grown in Tokachi region of Hokkaido, or custard cream inside(¥140 each) . They taste so yummy and everyone would love them.
They often have season-limited cake that is unique to the northern island of Hokkaido. Please try different tastes!

The entire view only to yourself. Time to feel pampered.

The TV Tower holds various events filled with interesting ideas. In “Shin Kaidan Nobori (Exterior Steps climbing)”, you get to go up exterior stairs that lead to the observatory and in “Senko Hanabi Taikai (Senko fireworks –similar to Morning Glory but much more delicate), you complete how long your Senko fireworks stay sparkling. All the events at the Tower are something everyone can enjoy regardless of how young and how old you are.

What is romantic about the Tower is….you can have the observatory all to yourself and your loved one! Make a reservation first and it has be for 2 people. You’ll have the beautiful view for 30 minutes and it is surely going to be a gorgeous time for just the two of you. It comes with a half bottle of wine and a special lighting-up service… You’ll have the time you’ll never forget.
Visit the Tower at a different time or in a different season, you enjoy a different view from the Tower and the Tower itself looks so different depending on the angle and time. You want to visit the Tower again and again because it is packed with so many things you’ll love about.
The Sapporo TV Tower is one of the best in Hokkaido after all.

Smart tip
  • There is a restaurant on the 3rd floor (free of charge up to the 3rd floor). You can enjoy meals looking down on downtown Sapporo.
  • With “Daytime & Nighttime” ticket (adult: ¥1,100), you can go up to the observatory twice at different times.
  • The TV Tower Daddy can greet & see off a group tour (school trip & study tour). If you’re lucky, you might encounter him at the entrance on the 1st floor during the school trip season.
What's interesting

After the sunset, the Tower switches from the Lighting-up to the Illumination back and forth every hour. If you happen to be there when they switch, you’ll feel like you are extra lucky!