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Enjoy seasonless elegance! Ambience of Kamogawa River and how to explore!

kamogawa keshiki
The Kamogawa River runs through Kyoto and the scenery has been considered the symbol of Kyoto and the center of the people’s life for over one thousand years. The Kamogawa River was a popular place back then and so it is today.
If you visit Kyoto, the Kamogawa River is definitely one of the places you don’t want to miss.


Kamogawa River has a stream of traffic

The Kamawa River runs from north to south in the east section of Kyoto.
The area along the river called Kamogawa is about 4.6 kilometer long (about 2.9 miles), and it is from the Demachi-yanagi station to the Shichi-jo station on the Keihan line that runs parallel to the river.
The Kamogawa River is so Kyoto and you see joggers in the morning, dating couples and people playing musical instruments during the day, and people walking their dogs. The river fits in with the daily life cycle. The local people appreciate and utilize the area along the river as their relaxing spot.

The Kamogawa River has a clear starting point.

The Kamogawa River (in a different Chinese characters writing) and the Takanogawa River meet and create a Y-shaped merging point before the Demachi-yanagi station.
These two rivers form a delta called “Kamogawa Delta” and the Kamogawa River starts there.
The Kamogawa Delta is the area that offers you the best feeling of freedom among all the areas along the Kamogawa River.
There is the Shimogamo Shrine in the back and both places are popular for tourists.
On 22nd every month, a model of huge strawberry short cake appears for some reason. Now this is a new specialty of the Kamogawa River.
kyodai cake
This cake is owned by a group of creative people called “Granewton.” They made it for a promotional video, thought it would be too good to throw away, decided to place it on the Kamogawa Delta, and the cake has become something that a lot of people talk about.
The reason they decided to put it on the Delta on 22nd is because 22nd is one week from 15th (One is “ichi” and five is “go” in Japanese, and a word “ichi go” also means “strawberry.”).
As long as the weather is nice, the strawberry short cake appears there and anyone can join for a picnic around the cake.
If your itinerary includes 22nd, follow their twitter “@_Granewton_” and check out the information!

Stones in the middle of the Kamogawa River?
Is this a bridge?

The Kamogawa River has historically famous bridges such as the Sanjo-Ohashi Bridge and the Gojo-Ohachi Bridge, but there is even more famous bridge. That is the steppingstones in the photo.
This is a familiar “bridge” that you might see in a drama or a cartoon.
It seems like nothing but just stones, while it is actually a bridge!
The steppingstone bridge is laid out in the river and you can walk on them to cross the river. This is one of the charming and tasteful characteristics of the Kamogawa River. The steppingstones are in the shapes of a turtle, a plover and a boat, and you can have a glimpse of a playful spirit of Kyoto people.
chidorino tobiishi
With the greatest care, try walking on the thrilling bridge.

Kamogawa River harmonize the city and the nature

The Kawadoko open deck dining showcases a summer night in Kyoto.
Evoking summer image, the Kamadoko is seen around the Pontocho including the Gion across the river. The city atmosphere of the Hanamachi district (Kyoto’s entertainment quarter) is quite enjoyable.
However, the harmony with nature is always Kyoto’s basic concept. You can really feel that Kyoto cleverly harmonizes with nature if you compare Kyoto with Tokyo or Osaka.
The air is clean and delicious, the sky is vast and the feeling of freedom is superb.
You see wild birds by the water throughout the year, cherry blossoms in spring and colorful leaves in autumn and you will forget you are in the city
kouyou fuukei

Perfect café to experience a feeling of freedom “efish”

To top off the stroll along the Kamogawa River, I would like to introduce a café where you can have a delicious lunch!
The café is called “efish”and it is five-minute walk from the Shimizu Gojo station on the Keihan line.
The owner of the café is Mr. Shin Nishibori is also a designer. The café is filled with cute fancy goods, but what catches your eyes is the open window facing towards the Kamogawa River!
You might forget you are inside of a café!
efish ichioshi menu
The best menu recommended is a “tuna, avocado and cottage cheese sandwich.” Tuna and cottage cheese are on a thick sliced bread with avocado, which is the perfect combination.
It is a big sandwich, but you will finish it before you know it!
The sounds of running water and the breeze blowing over the river feel so good, all of your five senses appreciate the Kamogawa River.

Smart tip
  • If you go across the Kamogawa River and really enjoy every bit of the area, to rent a bicycle will be a great idea. With the bicycle’s mobile power that a train or a bus never has, you can peddle through the area like the wind.
  • The Kamogawa River runs through the east side of Kyoto. When you visit Kyoto’s famous sightseeing places and have some time to wait for a bus or a train, you can just stop by any area along the river as well. Isn’t it great to add something extra to your sightseeing plan?
  • Mr. Shin Nishibori who is the owner of “efish” café is a designer and also does “space producing (designing and utilizing of space or an area; the proper coordination of it).” The café’s large windows create a feeling of freedom. Just like the feeling of openness you enjoy on the Kawadoko open deck dining during the summer in the Pontocho district of Kyoto or might even be better. It is one of the best cafes along the Kamogawa River!
What's interesting

You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, Kawadoko open deck dining in summer, and colorful leaves in autumn along the Kamogawa River. The Kamogawa River is a huge resting area created by nature at no charge at all. If you feel like you want to take a break from crowded tourist spots, the area along the river is the perfect place to relax.