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Charge Power by the building colored in red Heianjingu-Shrine to be healed by green and beautiful garden

Heianjingu-Shrine is dedicated to both Kanmu and Takaaki emperor. The history is unexpectedly new; it was built in 1895 to commemorate the removal of the Heian. The brilliance of the buildings colored in red (ex. Daikokuden and Outenmon) and the beauty of a stroke style garden around a pond: it is the representative spot of Kyoto.


A grand building colored in red reminds of the Court of Heian Period

“Outenmon” is the double gate of the entrance of the shrine, and counted as one of Japan’s three biggest Otorii, “Daikokuden” is palace architecture on the south side of the main shrine, and “Souryurou” and “Byakkorou” are in the east and west. There should be many tourists feeling Kyoto in the grand building colored in red. Only five colors of “blue, vermilion, white, and black” and yellow are used for the main shrine. It is the same as the color of four Gods of “Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise”.

Oh! There is a train in such a place…

“Shinen” is famous as the representative Japanese garden where the seventh Jihee Ogawa made and designed. It is constructed in four gardens of the east, middle, west, and south to surround the main shrine. The west of Daikokuden, the side of the Byakorou is the entrance of the garden. Let’s take a walk through a garden for a while.
In the south-shinen garden, flowers bloom every season. There is the guide board which the name of the flower and “waka (a Japanese style poetry)” concerning the flower.
“Why is this in such a place?” There is a train in the nature. It was a first Japanese train by Kyoto Electric Railway. At the time of the foundation, it linked to Kyoto station from the place where a national industrial exhibition held. It is said to be placed here as a deeply involved thing with the foundation of Heianjingu-Shrine.

Enjoy sweets in the middle-shinen garden

In the middle-shinen garden, there is “Garyukyo-Bridge” using the piers of the former Gojo-Bashi-Bridge. There is a small arbor across the bridge. You can taste sweets of powdered green tea, a coffee, and zenzai. This is the only restaurant in Shinen. It is tasteful to take a short break while watching the beautiful scenery.

Taihei-kaku is most suitable for the break

Let’s go for the east-shinen garden. There is a “Taihei-kaku” which was relocated the building of the Kyoto Exhibition from Kyoto Imperial Palace. It is a wooden building of bark of Japanese cypress bark. It crosses over the Seio-Ike Pond to the east and west. You are able to sit down; it is recommended to look at the beautiful scenery while taking a break!
touzaiwomatagu taiheikaku
You can feel at peace more as looking at the beautiful building of “Shoubikan (Kihin-kan)” which was relocated from the Kyoto Imperial Palace.
midorinikakokmareta teitennbi
It is incredibly quiet in the garden. You can spend a heartwarming time surrounded by the beautiful flowers and greens, and healed by the garden beauty.

Smart tip
  • “Shonou-Hounou” (dedication) is held in the Gishiki-den at noon on New Year’s Day. The worshipers can go and worship freely.
  • In the New Year, s special mascot is conferred, and “amazake (a sweet alcoholic drink made from fermented rice) is also conferred until January 5th. (300 yen)
  • In April, “Benishidare Concert” is held. During the concert term, the main shrine and the gardens are lighted up, and the concert is held at Kihinkan.
What's interesting

It is recommended to sit down in “Taihei-kaku” and look at the beautiful scenery. It is incredibly quiet. It is interesting to feed the carp in the pond. A lot of carps come. Children are delighted, too.