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Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Building is a beautiful 100-year-old red brick building that has been renovated!

The Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi building (東京駅丸の内駅舎) preservation and restoration work was completed on 10/01/2012.
This 100-year-old building is a valuable historical building and is considered an important cultural asset to the country of Japan.
While its appearance was being restored, the building was also remodeled with the latest anti- earthquake technology to make sure that it lasted well into the future.
They also re-opened the station’s hotel and Gallery!


Souvenirs from the Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi building are very popular!

The souvenir picture of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi building is a very popular item. Also very popular are the many souvenirs from the manufacturers located in the building that are considered limited edition and only found at souvenir shops on-site.
Three of the more famous souvenir shops are the Torya (とらや) with its “pocketbook size yokan,” the Ginza Columbine (銀座コロンバン) with its “baked furusekku,” and the Morozofu (モロゾフ) with its “crispy chocolate.”

Taking a tour of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi building?

Along with the tours provided by the on-site staff of the Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi building, there are various other tour companies you can go with.
For example, the Hankyu travel tour company has a “Tokyo Station Hotel lunch special”
It is a one-day excursion for 12,800 yen that offers tours by their professional guides of areas that are not usually visited, lunch in the Atrium room and stationery gifts.
With all that their tour includes, the price is a bargain and well recommended!

Experience theTokyo Station’s Marunouchi building illumination!

Every year the annual building illumination is becoming more special!
In 2015 the full-color LED lighting was spectacular!
The Tokyo station is castle-like in appearance, so the lighting makes it look like something out of a fairytale.
You can view the lights from December 24th thru the 27th (16:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.)
It is a great experience to have at the years end.