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The moru sen fountain at the Tokachigawa Onsen makes your skin slippery!

The famous Tokachigawa Onsen spring is an organic hot spring located in Otofuke-cho about 20 minutes by car from Obihiro. The hot water containing the organic ingredients of the ancient plants has a reputation for making bathers skin feel slippery. In addition to taking a soak, it is recommended that you travel the Tokachi ga oka park walks slowly through the park. You will enjoy seeing the huge flower clock with a diameter of 54 feet and the magnificent view from the hill observatory of Tokachi.


The hot water containing natural plants has moisturizing ingredients!

The brown hot water seen in Tokachigawa Onsen is a mall hot spring containing ancient plant ingredients. This hot water is gentle to the skin, and is called natural lotion due to the moisturizing effect. Because it is not a volcanic hot spring, it is also safe for people with skin that is easily irritated. Some hotels use these hot springs, so you can visit on a day trip as well when staying overnight.

At the foot bath you can experience the mall hot springs easily!

At the entrance to Tokachigawa Onsen tour guide center, there is a footbath that anyone can soak their feet for free at the back of the nature center building. There is also a footbath in Tokachi Hill Park, which is famous for its huge flower clock Hanak with a diameter of 54 feet. Towels are available to purchase at both facilities.

You can enjoy magnificent landscape of Tokachi at the Observatory!

Tokachi the Observatory at Tokachi has a great view and is an excellent spot for taking photos! You can enjoy the scenery of Tokachigawa Onsen, the town and majestic nature. On the weekend from spring to autumn, they offer free coffee and tea at the scenic café. In addition, there is Tokachi Ecology Park and auto golf course with auto camp facilities nearby.

[1] Offer Photo: Sasai Hotels