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Enjoy a world of dazzling Italian palaces at the Otaru Kitaichi Venezia Art Museum!

“Kitaichi Venezia Art Museum” located near the Otaru Canal opened in 1988. On the outer wall of this beautifully designed building they used plenty of marble from Italy. Inside they have more than 3,000 items of Venetian glass crafts, furniture and art pieces. It is said to be the best in Japan both in quality and quantity!
In the hall, there is a gorgeous exhibition that changes every season as well as a permanent exhibition with a very impressive appearance. With the changing exhibitions you can visit many times without being bored! It is a place that first-time visitors to art collectors can enjoy.
You can enjoy being transformed momentary into an aristocratic time by looking at the beautiful Italian marble building with its palace rooms filled with a mystical collection of art.


To the gorgeous world Italy born!

Otaru City is a nostalgic port city where historic buildings are lined up. The museum is located about 40 minutes by train from Sapporo city. The entrance to the museum is approximately 10 minutes on foot from JR Minami Otaru Station. It is close to the Otaru Canal and is also easy access from other nearby tourists attractions.
Kitaichi Venice Museum of Art opened as a museum introducing the “aristocratic culture.” It was modeled after the “Grassy palace” of the “Water City” (Venice).

Each exhibition room on the 2nd to 3rd floor reproduces the room of the palace from the 18th century which is said to be the height of the cultural maturity of Venice. Seasonal exhibits realistically express the elegant lifestyle of the aristocracy. While permanent exhibits display works of various Venetian glasses, including valuable pieces that are unique.

Enjoy this treasure trove of beautiful Venetian glass and nobility’s living!

Walking through the museum you will discover on the 2nd and 3rd floors various exhibition rooms imitating the actual palace. On the second floor there is a reception room, a living room, and a bedroom. On the 3rd floor there is a study, dining hall, villa and a glimpse of Italian aristocratic life. Other precious collections are also exhibited on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th floors.
A beautiful bedroom on the 2nd floor has a display with Baroque furniture and an antique ceiling chandelier from the 1700s.
Venice is known as the originator of the plane mirror. The mirrors exhibiting room on the 2nd floor has mirrors from the 1600s to the present age.
On the 5th floor there are works of glass mosaic reproductions of Van Gogh (ゴッホ)paintings. At the Kitaichi Venezia Art Museum, where the state of the palace around the 18th century is reproduced, there are many valuable craft items, furniture and artifacts. The birth of Venetian glass was around 1000 years ago. It is a precious space where you can feel the air of that era.

Their elegant cafe and view of the Otaru sea can also be enjoyed!

There is “Cafe Venetiano” on the 5th floor. You can enjoy a variety of menu items and freshly ground coffee.

Photo provided: Kitaichi Venezia Art Museum

A popular menu item at the café is the chocolate and biscotti set. Chocolate is a drink made by melting chocolate. It seems that it was prevalent among medieval Venetian aristocrats.
tea set
Biscotti is an Italian hard-baked biscuit from around the 15th century. Both of them have a nostalgic rustic flavor, that lets you enjoy the mood of medieval Italy. There is terrace seating outdoors, from which you can see the ocean and mountains of Otaru while enjoying tea time. (limited time · late April to around October).
teble and cher

Their commemorative photo costume experience! Lets everyone feel like a noble!

Besides the exhibition room on the second floor, there is a place where you can wear a costume of Venetian dress (noble costume of 18th-century style from 2,500 yen) There is also a costume experience culture corner where you can take a memorial photo.

Photo provided: Kita Ichi Venezia Art Museum

A lot of people of various age, sex and nationality express the pleasure of visiting the museum in the anniversary album that is provided.

You will want to see the museum shop!

In the first-floor museum shop (entrance free), there are beautiful Venetian goods unique to this museum. It is a suitable spot to immerse in the reverberation of the palace and aristocracy world.

Photo provided: Kitaichi Venezia Art Museum

The most popular item at this shop is their “glass pens.” It comes in a variety of beautiful colors and shapes. It is perfect for souvenirs for visitors to commemorate their trip.
According to Ms. Taniguchi (谷口さん)of the staff, it seems that many of the artists that are creating works exhibited in the Kitano Venice Museum are often visit from Italy. You can actually see the real Venetian crafts that you will want to see close up.

Smart tip
  • The entrance fee (100 yen discount ticket) is affixed to the leaflet available at each of the Kitaichi Glass stores.
  • The gallery tour is free even for just one person. Reservations are required in advance.
  • If you have the costumes experience, you can get a half-price drink ticket that you can use at the 5th-floor cafe.
What's interesting

After enjoying the museum, we recommend visiting the "Italian Modern Art Glass Venini" next door. There you can enjoy modern and unique Venetian glass art for free.