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“Kitaichi Hall” is beautiful cafe lit with 167 lamps!

When you ask people what they think of when they think of Otaru there are many people who think of glittering glass products. Well-established “Kitaichi Glass” is a name many have heard of more than once! Kitaichi Glass started in 1901. It started with just selling oil lamps. The interior lighting of “Kitaichi Hall” café (located in Kitaichi Glass No.3 building) is provided by 167 petroleum lamps. It has been said it is in tribute to the origins of the Kitaichi Glass company.
With the lighting of the shop being supplied only with oil lamps it is as romantic as a movie. You will love spending a blissful time wrapped up with lamp lights at Kitaichi Hall while you enjoy cakes, sweets, coffee, and more!


A tribute to the beauty of the lamp!

While walking around Sakae-cho, in Otaru’s sightseeing center, there are various buildings worth exploring! Buiding #3 Ishikura warehouse is one of them. Inside is the “Kitaichi Hall Café.”
In the warehouse the warm light of the lamp creates a unique atmosphere. Once at this Ishiro warehouse they processed fish products including herring! There are rails which were once connected to the old seafront still on the floor. When entering the café you cannot help but be impressed by the beautiful lighting! All the lighting inside the shop is provided by oil lamps only. It is rare for a facility in Japan to be lit by “lamp alone.”

You will be surprised by the huge cream puff!

As you can see by the photo of the menu above, the dessert menu is substantial. Among the items is the eye-catching “surprise cream puff (820 yen)”. It is advantageous to get one in a drink set (1,120 yen) or a 2 drink set (1,420 yen).
You will be surprised just how big it is when you actually see it! The outer shell is crammed with plenty of custard cream in it. If you cannot eat it, rest assured. We will prepare a takeout box for you!
In addition to the dessert menu, their regular food menu is also substantial. Among the items is their “Mini Rice Bowl 3 Piece Set (1,180 yen). It has squid, crab and fish egg.” This popular menu item is good with an Otaru beer!

You can experience “the lamp lighting” when The café opens at 8:45!

All 167 of the lamps in the shop are lit by human hands. Anyone can see the lighting work done at the opening at 8:45!
They light each light one by one, and finally when the chandelier lights are lit, it rises slowly upwards to the ceiling.
The lighting operation takes about 15 minutes. There is a sacred atmosphere created by the lighting of the lamps. The oil lamps are sold in the store next door!
The style of the lamp used in the café sells for around 7,000 yen. It is popular for home as well as for souvenirs. The atmosphere changes when there is one in the room.

Enjoy shopping after the eating at the cafe!

After spending a luxurious time wrapped up in the light from the lamps at Kitaichi Hall, a shopping trip to the glass shop in the same warehouse is recommended. The interior of the shop is divided into a “Floor of the Western,” “Floor of the Japanese,” and “Country Floor.” The design and characteristics of the products are different on each floor. The bottom surface of the glass cups are slightly rounded and so the glass gently sways when it is placed on the table. There is plenty of glassware in addition to the “swaying glasses.” You can surely find your favorite items.

Smart tip
  • Three times a week (Monday Wednesday Friday) there are live performances of the piano at 2 pm.
  • The lighting work is done from 8:45 in the morning. It is ok to come and watch the lighting without buying anything!
  • If you plan to purchase glass products, "Kitaichi Glass Outlet" is also recommended. You can buy finished products at bargain prices!
What's interesting

You can sit in any seat and enjoy the beauty of the lamps. However, the seats in the center of the innermost part of the store that face the world map are special seats.