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The ultimate ramen which a master craftsman pursues Ramen Tetsuya with deep taste

Speaking of Sapporo ramen, miso is famous, but in Ramen Tetsuya, soy sauce ramen is more popular.Ramen Tetsuya had opened the shop in 1997, and now has 6 shops in Sapporo and one shop in Koenji, Tokyo.The head shop is at 12-chome, Minami 7-jo, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo.The most customers are the local people. Why is the ramen so popular?


Say sauce ramen, the representing Tetsuya

You can see a flag that “らーめん(ramen)” is written in black on the yellow back.
There are only 20 seats at a counter seat. Inside the shop, the atmosphere is modern and calm. You would feel the eagerness of the workman.
Before I ordered, I asked, “What is the recommend?”
The owner answered that Say sauce ramen is the very popular as Tetsuya, but miso is also popular.
There are a Japanese-style soy sauce ramen of 40 meals limited made as the tenth anniversary commemorative other than basic soy sauce ramen, it’s named “the third Tetsuya Shoyu~Takumi~”(918 yen).
In all shops, it has a limit of 20 meals for each from 11am and 6pm.

Simple and mellow Japanese-style soup of pork bones and soy sauce

The third Tetsuya Shoyu~Takumi~.
The ingredients are two slices of roasted pork with flavor oil, shiraga negi (white part of green onion thinly sliced to resemble white hairs), fried onion, green onion, menma, and laver.
The soup which was stewed more than 12 hours and the soup which stewed back fat for three hours are used for the base.
The taste is very simple and mellow.

Curl noodles, ingredients, and soup produce the deep taste

The curl noodles match the Japanese-style soup very well, and it’s so tasty.
The roasted pork is stewed with the special sauce. The food texture of shiraga negi accents it. They direct the deep taste of ramen.

A memory of taste becoming the habit

The taste remained in the mouth after eating, and the satisfaction.
A memory of taste becomes the habit.
To the Ramen Tetsuya Hiraoka Shop, it is a little far by using the public transport; take a subway Tozai Line to the Oyachi Station, then take a bus, take off at 1-Chome, Hiraoka-5-Jo, and five minutes’ walk. But there are six other shops in the city, and you can taste the same menu.
From Susukino Station and Odori Station, Ramen Tetsuya Minami-7-jo the head shop is convenient.
The taste of Takumi of soy sauce representing Sapporo: how about tasting it?

Smart tip
  • In all shops, they provide the free service of small rice (180 yen) from 11am to 3pm, and from 6pm to 9pm.
  • You can get the topping of four slices of roasted pork for 200 yen. This price is advantageous here!
  • The head shop (Minami-7-Jo) is five minutes’ walk after taking off the train at 6-Jo Station. From Nishi-11-Jo Station of subway Tozai Line, it’s ten minutes’ walk: it’s easy to access.
What's interesting

Various kinds of ramen are available, and “makanai don (a bowl of staff meal)” is also recommended. The staff meal is the bowl of fried roasted pork of back ribs (380 yen). Three slices of the roasted pork are on the rice.