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Visit “Akarenga Terrace” if you want to enjoy a fashionable stroll

Akarenga Terrace is a new spot in Sapporo. It was born in 2014 with a public square connecting the street in front of the station and the old government office building. It’s a building of concept “The courtyard of Sapporo meeting new sensibility”. In that building, there are local topics cafes and restaurants, open-air atrium, and also a view terrace where you can see the government office building. Scenery, gourmet, and atmosphere… It’s a facility with three beats.
Not only it is close to sightseeing spots, but also it has a direct access to underground walking space “Chikaho” which connects Sapporo station and Odori Station.
How wasteful not to drop in on a spot full of topics!


A stylish spot is born in the Akarenga street which leads to the government office building

The old main building of Hokkaido agency is familiar with the nickname of “Akarenga Building”. “Akarenga Terrace is the stylish building so close to that building. Commercial facilities on the basement floor and the underground five storied face the north three street square. It has a calm and warm atmosphere assimilating with the red brick of the walking path and the government office building.
akarengaterasu iriguchi
akarengaterasu furoa
In the building, there are 27 shops including grocery shops and restaurants, and first-landing shops in Hokkaido.
It’s good to stop by and taste the atmosphere, and of course, it’s also good to check out the shop you’re interested in and enjoy shopping and meals.
It’s a convenient spot that you can use in various ways.

Taking a rest in an open space

Inside the building, which was made aiming at the atmosphere like “courtyard”, there is an open and refreshing space just like an outside.
An atrium in wellhole style and an atrium terrace where plenty of outside light comes, and etc.… The public space is open wide and relaxing. In addition, by using wood and red brick on the walls and floor, warm air that assimilates into the surrounding landscape flows.
In the warmer season, the open terrace seats are also prepared in the north three street square. You can spend time relaxingly. There are many shops that you can take out. So if you find a favorite place, you can enjoy a day off while enjoying the scenery and atmosphere. Since it’s united with office buildings, you can see businessmen and female office workers have lunch and relax.
Why don’t you have the relaxing time in the relaxing space loved by local people?

Comfortable view terrace overlooking the red brick building

It’s a characteristic of this building that not only the store but the public space is enriched.
Especially, the view terrace on the 5th floor is a space where I want you to stop by all means.
While feeling the outside wind, you can overlook the red brick building and the north 3rd square.
In the viewing gallery “Terrace Planning (テラス計画)”, a new attempt such as holding an event and developing a wall gallery also started. You can touch Hokkaido in an open space.
If you experience the latest arts while watching the historic buildings, there is no doubt that your journey will be deeper.

Various popular shops that convinced the local people

The best charm of this facility is, of course, gourmet!
A wide variety of restaurants is lined up from basement 1st floor to the 4th floor. I especially recommend many famous shops loved by the local people.
maruyama panke-ki
“Tsubaki Salon × Maruyama Pancake (椿サロン×円山ぱんけーき)” is a café where Sapporo’s popular store collaborated. The pancake on the photo is called “Prince’s pancake (1620 yen)”. (Prices include tax. Menus change according to the time.) It changes into a bar from 6p.m.
“Barterrace” on the third floor is a food court with six locally popular shops. It’s a greedy space that you can taste the reputation menu of each shop. They prepare a private room, so you can use it widely, including for banquets.
“Hotei” is a Chinese restaurant in Sapporo. A popular menu “Zangi in Hotei style (5 pieces)” (550 yen) can be taken home. Their secret sauce is excellent.
At Hokkaido soup stand, they offer a soup with plenty of ingredients. The menu changes according to the season and you can enjoy the taste of the season. The picture is “beef and vegetables with demi-glace sauce (M size set)” (840 yen).

Full of events as well as shopping and gourmet

In addition to popular restaurants, you can also enjoy unique shopping, and have a relax time in the public space. Akarenga Terrace is such a new facility. It turns into an adult space by turning off the lighting at night.
From late November 2015 to 14th February 2016, it was illuminated.
A light and music show was held every 30 minutes from 4p.m. It made winter night warm and fantastic.

Smart tip
  • Because it’s close to many sightseeing spots such as red brick building, the Odori Park, and the clock tower, you can stop by in comfortably.
  • You can have a luxurious time by using the public space.
  • There are many restaurants for take-out, so you can enjoy gourmets of various stores at once!
What's interesting

You can have a relax time with an open space even though you are indoors. The viewing gallery is quiet and calm, so it’s a perfect place to be absent-mindedness.