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Three ways to enjoy The JR Tower Observatory T38 to the fullest

The JR Tower Observatory T38 also known as the landmark of Sapporo is a very popular spot that attracts 250,000 visitors annually.
It shows us different scenes in the four directions of north, south, east and west.
In the east, Nopporo primeval forest is in sight in the distance.
Most of Hokkaido used to be all covered with pristine forest and our pioneers cut through the untouched land and created Hokkaido with great determination. It makes us take our hat off to their perseverance and tenacity.
In the west, Teine mountain range that leads to Mt. Moiwa forms a gentle ridge line; you realize that Sapporo is beautifully harmonized with nature.
In the south, you can get a full view of the TV Tower and a myriad of office buildings; the lively energy of Sapporo as the capital of Hokkaido is there. At night, the lights of neon signs brighten up the town and people go out to have fun.
In the north, Otaru can be seen in the far distance and the view that has great depth washes your heart away.
You enjoy a variety of views from the tower but there are more ways to enjoy “the JR Tower Observation T38”!


Why the night-time is the best !?

During the day-time, you see the marvelous views from the tower; but the best time to visit the tower is the night-time!
There are other ways to enjoy the night view.
First, there is the bathroom that only guys can enjoy (?) on the northeast corner.
It feels so good if you use the bathroom while you enjoy the great scenery right in front of your eyes !?
Or you might feel a little embarrassed?
There aren’t many places in which you can enjoy the views when it rains, but at the JR Tower Observation T38, it is quite possible to enjoy the night view unless the weather is very bad.
The rain drops on the glass windows reflect the light and the waves of the light create the fantastic world.
The full moon looks so close as if you could touch the moon.
When the moon is rising in the sky, you might try to reach it.
Twice a month they hold a concert called “Sora no Concert (Concert in the Sky)”, where you can enjoy both music and the night view.

Relaxed at the café; excited at the shops

“T Café” is in the south corridor of T38. Try their original cocktail “Blue Tower” and feel a little happy from the drink. It gives a “get-away” feeling from your everyday life.
Next to the café, there is a gift shop “T Shop” where you find JR Hokkaido related goods and T38 original goods. They’ll make great gifts for your trip.
Take the elevator to the 6th floor where the Observation entrance is, the official shop of Sapporo brand goods “Sapporo Style” is there.
The snow crystal shaped “Hatsu-Yuki” (First Snowfall of the season) is paper soap and very popular.
There are more interesting items and you’ll have a hard time in choosing what to buy!?

Notice this? It is a piece of art.

It is one of the reasons why JR Tower attracts a lot of people to. You can not just go home after you enjoy the beautiful view!
There are two elevators go up to the Observation. Both sides of the walls inside of those elevators have maps of Tokyo, Kyoto, New York and Paris drawn on them. Those maps are placed overwrapped on one anther, showing the differences among those cities and making the comparisons very easily.
The wall of the west side has terra-cotta that pieces of wood, stones, plants, straws and other materials are horizontally imprinted on, showing different textures. The wall gradually takes on the red color around the sunset; the mystical beauty starts to appear out of the wall.
Let’s take a look directly down from the north corridor.
You can see the writings of names of the places on the roofs of the JR outdoor parking from there. These writings are also the art called “Direction.”
The art is hiding in a place like this.
The wonderful views are not the only thing you expect at the Observation.
Why not find your own way to enjoy!

Smart tip
  • The town looks so different up to when you visit. Especially nighttime makes you want to visit again and again because of the variety of things to enjoy.
  • How about keeping a journal about the trip or relaxing with the original cocktail while enjoying the night view at the café? Spend time on your own.
  • It would be nice to spend time to appreciate the superb art. This is the spot in which you want to take time not hurry through.
What's interesting

Please witness the time the night view is born when the dusk becomes the darkness of the night. You will be released from the business of your daily life.