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It is worth to visit! Shimmering “View from Mt. Hakodate”

Mt. Hakodate is a natural park with an altitude of 334 meters.
It’s called ‘Gagyu-zan (臥牛山)” since it looks like a cow lying down when looking from a distance, and it’s also called ‘Goten-yama (御殿山)” because a clan building was built at the foot of the mountain in the Muromachi period.
“A view from Mt. Hakodate”, which won three stars in Michelin Travel Guide “Michelin Green Guide Japon” Revised 2nd Edition, is beautiful in day and night. Especially, a night view is called one million dollars and chosen as “Japan’s Three Major Night Scenes” together with Kobe and Nagasaki. The feast of light that shines like jewelry fascinates the hearts of people and invites them to the world of dreams.


Take the ropeway to the summit! The secret of the “neck” of the mountain

You can climb to the top of the mountain by bus, taxi, or car, but there is a time limit and the climbing road will be closed during the winter. There, a 125-person ropeway is playing an active part. You arrive at the summit station in about three minutes as enjoying the landscape spreading from the wide window.
The most charming point in “the view from Mt. Hakodate is the curve that you can see the sea on both sides. It’s called waistline. The size of the “neck” is only one kilometer.
By the way, long ago, Mt. Hakodate was an island and the necked area was the bottom of the ocean. The sand that the ocean current carried over the years has accumulated, Mt. Hakodate and Kameda Peninsula became land-based, and a unique landform of “fan-shaped” was created.
In the daytime, you can see a big panorama overlooking the Onuma National Park Komagatake and Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture. And in the evening, the contrast of light and dark of the two dark seas and the city light of Tsugaru Strait and Hakodate Port makes the night view more beautiful.

Hospitality as a “night view city”

Do you know that Hakodate City is working on “making nightscapes”?
They provide the orange street light to make the night view more beautiful, and the citizen is also powering up the light of everyday life.
Historical buildings such as exotic emotional churches and warehouses in the Bay Area are also lighted up to produce a dramatic night view.
By the way, on August 13 every year is a “Hakodate’s night view day(函館夜景の日)”.
On that day, the whole city cooperates and lights a lot in order to have the best night view.

A moment of heart magic “A toast at Hakodate night!”

“The most beautiful night view” is the time zone where the blueness still remains in the sky just before sunset.
By moving to the top of the mountain at duck, you can avoid congestion.
If you would like to spend a romantic night in Hakodate without worrying about weather and time, please visit the restaurant “Genova” on the 2nd floor of the summit (Window seats needs a reservation).
Why don’t you spend a “delicious time” enjoying the chef’s best dishes made of the local ingredients of the season while watching the dramatic scenery?
Potatoes, corn, and fresh seafood taken in the ocean… “函館旅情” is a popular menu because you can taste seafood of Hokkaido at reasonable prices.
Love will be forever if you find the letters of “heart (ハート)” and “ski (スキ)” in the night view…

Do you know “Seven stars night view”? The night view of the back

If the night view from the top of Mt. Hakodate is “front night view”, the “back night view” overlooking the Hakodate Mountain from the other side of the city is a secret boom.
Among them, “Shirotai Ranch” (Nanae Town) is called “Seven stars night view (七つ星夜景)” and popular as a staple of local youth dating spots.
It takes about 30 minutes from city center in Hakodate, and it’s just the right distance to drive. The indoor observation spot was newly established in 2012.
You can enjoy a wide night view from Mt. Hakodate in the south to the Ono Plain in the south-west.
And after you enjoy the magnificent scenery…
Why don’t you try looking up at the sky and “wish upon a star”?

Smart tip
  • Mt. Hakodate Observation spot is located at the top of the mountain. Because it’s surrounded by the sea and the wind is strong and the temperature is low, you’d better prepare one more coat. Also, I recommend you to take a bath after.
  • Unfortunately, when the night view cannot be seen, you can enjoy the beautiful night view of the four seasons on a large screen at the event hall on the 2nd floor of the summit observation deck. (Showing time: 14 minutes, viewing fee: 100 yen, every 20 minutes)
  • For those who are not good at congestion, the night view after dinner will be good since there are more free spaces after 20:30.
What's interesting

“A night view of winter” on a clear day with clear air, and “a night view after rain” which wash away garbage in the atmosphere… You can expect impressive beauty that you can be proud to the world.