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Experience Hokkaido’s Okadama Airport!

Hokkaido, includes a vast area in the northernmost part of Japan. So vast that an airplane is the most useful way to travel!
Okadama Airport is an airport in Sapporo City where you can fly to Hakodate, Kushiro and Rishiri. These destinations can take up to 3 and a half hours by train but can be reached by plane in just 40 minutes. When traveling in Hokkaido, remember HAC can also be used for JAL Miles!


The airport is 25 minutes by bus from Sapporo station!

airport liner
The bus is the most convenient for you to go to Sapporo city from Okadama Airport. There are two companies that operate on this route; the Chuou bus, and Hokuto koutsuu. There are several bus stops for Ohdori and Sapporo stations to Okadama Airport, and buses are scheduled about one every hour. The fee is 210 yen – 440 yen (the charge will change depending on the stop).
Buses heading from central Osaka Airport to Sapporo center are convenient, but I think that there is not much difference in price if you take a taxi with three or more people to the Sakaecho station on the Toei Toe Line, which is the nearest station The departure time of the bus varies according to the time zone and it may change with the season. It is best to search in advance by conducting a net search.

Its easy to travel by plane around Hokkaido!

When entering the main entrance, on the first floor there is HAC’s ticket counter and arrival lobby. The second floor is the departure lobby, and waiting room. In addition there is a souvenir shop and a restaurant where you can eat ramen etc.
The departure lobby has free wifi. So, you can also check on tourist information with a tablet or a personal computer.
Above is one of HAC’s small propeller aircraft.
The pickup deck on the 3rd floor is an excellent scenery point where you can see the takeoff and landing of airplanes.

The airport has both restaurants and shops!

mukashi tanken ichiba
Inside the airport there is “Sapporo’s Ima mukashi tanken hiroba, where there is the history of Sapporo exhibited in detail with photographs and texts.
If you get hungry, there is a restaurant called the “Okadama Kitchen,” where you can eat ramen or curry with plenty of onion specialties.
sky shop
There is also a souvenir shop! The classic souvenirs are small so there is room for a large variety of items!

Okadama airport has special indoor and outdoor events!

okadama air port
There are plenty of events besides the just the use of airplanes at Okadama Airport. Every month there are regional history courses, Airport Academy, calligraphy contests, children’s painting contests, and airport work experience. Once a year, the Ground Self Defense Force holds its annual festival. There is also an aviation Pageant. There is also what is called the “The day of the sky event.” On the day of the event, not only the users of the airplane, but also the tourists and the local customers visit and it will be extremely crowded.
It is a valuable experience that you can experience the powerful engine sound of an airplane close at hand.
The Shizuoka to Sapporo line will be operated on the 2nd Tuesday, and Saturday.
For details, please visit the official website.
HP : https://www.fujidream.co.jp/press-web/160411/index.html

Smart tip
  • Since you can easily return from Hokkaido sightseeing base from Sapporo city, using HAC travel time will be much shortened.
  • Since wifi is free it is very useful for business use.
  • Besides using airplanes, there are events and concerts that are held in the hall. On the field there is the Ground Self Defense Force festival that is attended by about 50,000 visitors.
What's interesting

In addition to the convenience of easier travel, the cozy area inside the facility is also good! You can have curry and ramen using rice balls that are quite tasty! There are plenty of events at the airport that can not be experienced at other airports!