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Panorama road of Biei town offers a superb view!

Panorama Road located in the southeast of Biei-cho (famous as a hill town) is a popular tourist spot with scenic hills. It is also known as an idyllic landscape where the “red roof house” and “Bibaushi primary school” can be seen from “the hill of Shinei.”


The start of Panorama Road is from Biei Station!

The town of Biei-cho is about 2 hours by car from Sapporo. From the Asahikawa Airport, you will reach the hill town of Biei-cho by going south on Route 237 for about 30 minutes. The southeastern side of the JR Biei Station is called Panorama Road and it has become a popular spot in Biei.
Panorama road spreads out like a mesh across farmland, in order not to get lost along the way, it is recommended to start from the Biei station. Although it only runs on weekdays, the “Gurutto Bus” runs around the panorama road from the station. It is convenient because it stops at Takumonkan and Farms Chiyoda etc.
At the “Four Seasons” information center you can get a map code useful for road maps and car navigation systems. Take the path to Biei station on the right side and see the red bridge, to start the panorama road. You will notice the sign of “Bear · Attendant warning!”

The landscape you saw on commercials and postcards is in front of you!

From Biei station head towards Bibaushi. There you will find the popular “Shinei no Oka” in the panorama road area. There is a grand view! You can see from there; wheat, potatoes, beets, etc. all within an amazing contrast.
Shinei hill is known as a beautiful hill for the sunset, and you can see the “red roof house” that often appears in TV dramas and commercials in the hilly area. A lot of photographers from all over the country gathered here where the area looks like a picture book of a fairy tale.
Wherever you look, it is a nice photo shooting spot, but you should not step into the fields. To protect this landscape, please never enter the farmland.
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You will not get tired of seeing the beauty of Biei.

The Panorama Road includes the popular ‘San Ai no Oka Observatory Park’ which is popular with the view of the Daisetsuyama and Tokachidake mountain ranges, ‘Shikisai no Okae’ where the flower garden spreads on the site of 7 hectares, together with the Tokachi dake mountains that are reflected on the surface of the water There are lots of places of interest such as “Mizusawa Dam” where you can enjoy each unique landscape.
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Cafes and coffee shops are scattered along some farm roads. The owner of the Chayakabu curve was fascinated by the hill of Biei, and moved from Sapporo. When visiting at sunset and eating soft chestnuts, you may not want to go home because you are so comfortable.
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Many bikers gather from the whole country to the Panorama Road, and enjoying touring. It is a course you can enjoy by car, motorcycle or even by bicycle!

Smart tip
  • Panorama road has many mountain roads and it is very complicated. Get a map at the Four Seasons information pavilion in the in order to get information not on the car navigation system.
  • There are cafés along the farm road, but there is no convenience store. Go out and buy lunch boxes and sweets etc. in the city area of Biei!
  • The town of Biei is located by the Tokachi dake mountains. Weather may change suddenly. It is safe to have thin jacket even in the summer.
What's interesting

The scenery seen from the hill of Shingei is truly wonderful. A 365 view allows you to see the whole landscape. The panoramic road area is said to have one of the best sunsets in all of Japan.