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Whale shark swimming in the huge tank! Kaiyukan(海遊館) is one of the largest aquariums in the world.

Tempozan harbor village(天保山ハーバービレッジ) in the bay area of Osaka and Tempozan(天保山) is very popular among men and women of all ages. One of the largest aquariums in the world called Kaiyukan(海遊館) is the main facility of this area.
Outside appearance with three colors, which means earth, water and fire are impressive. It invites us to the world of the sea even before stepping into the Kaiyukan.
30000 creatures encompassing 620 species including a sea lion, dolphin, penguin, and shark are reared in the Kaiyukan. The highlight of the Kaiyukan is the Pacific Ocean tank(太平洋水槽) a 9.8yd(9m) deep, 37.2yd(34m) a long tank containing 5400 tons of water. Whale sharks swim in this tank.
14 tanks show the positional relationship of the Pacific Rim.You will be surprised to find other devices for the exhibition.
You will always have new discovery when you visit here, that is why there are so many repeat visitors.


14 tanks shows the positional relationship of the Pacific Rim

Kaiyukan is the characteristic institution in the Tempozan harbor village. After you enter the entrance gate, you will walk through the tunnel tank called “Aqua gate” (魚のとおりぬけ・アクゲート) . 
Next zone is called “Japan Forest” (日本の森). Suggested route shows us a hydrologic water cycle, which means the water coming from this forest falls into the river, and the water goes to sea and into the deep sea.
At the middle of the aquarium, whale shark and ray swims in the “Pacific Ocean” tank (太平洋水槽) which is about 9.8yd(9m) deep. When the whale shark about 5.5yd(5m) long comes near to you, you will see them with eyes open.
On the north side of the aquarium, tank represents “The Aleutian Islands” (アリューシャン列島) where sea otters live.
On the south side of the aquarium, tank represents “Antarctica”(南極大陸) where king penguins(オウサマペンギン) live.
On the west side of the aquarium, California sea lion(カリフォルニアアシカ) swims in the tank which represents “Monterey Bay”(モンタレー湾).
You could feel the biological relationship of the Pacific Ocean rim through this placement of the tanks.

Full impact during feeding time

You better check the schedule of the feeding time of animals.
You could see the animals eating their food very close from you.
Also, spot guide(スポットガイド) is popular. The caretaker will explain about the ecology of animals.
At the feeding time for whale shark; a popular animal of the Kaiyukan, caretaker throw in the food aiming at their mouth from over the tank. Whale shark opening his mouth to eat the food is very dynamic and has dignity.
syokujisuru jinbee
At the feeding time for the sea lion, you could see the children of sea lions, which was born two years in law. Visitors’ eyes will be glued to the cute children of sea lion, which they can see very close to them.
Also, there are feeding time for river otter(カワウソ), pacific white-sided dolphin(カマイルカ), and ringed seal(ワモンアザラシ).
kamairuka osyokujitaimu

“Floating Jelly Fish” building(ふあふあクラゲ館)and “Interactive Exhibit” area(新体感エリア)is also popular

One of the popular zones is the “Floating Jelly Fish” building which exhibits 600 jellyfish encompassing 12 species, which lives around Japan coast.
Jellyfish are exhibited in 12 different tanks. The device of lights and music makes its fantastic atmosphere.
You can enjoy the different exhibit of Jellyfish each time you visit, since the exhibits changes by seasons.
“Interactive Exhibit” area(新体感エリア) has open in 2013. In this area visitors can actually touch sharks and rays, also they can watch ringed seal without partition.
A shout of joy will arise from many visitors when they touch the rough texture of shark’s skin and the slimy feel of ray’s skin.

Check the original items of official shop

There are 2 official shops in Kaiyukan. One of them is near the exit gate and is exclusive for the visitors.
A lot of limited items line up in the official shop. Popular animals of Kaiyukan such as whale shark and sea otter are drawn on these items. Stationary goods designed for adults are especially popular. Simple items such as slips, clip, and memo pad are popular since it can be used in the office. Many people buy it for their self and also for souvenirs.
Let’s walk around the attractive Tempozan area after going out of Kaiyukan.

Smart tip
  • Let's bring Nintendo DS(ニンテンドーDS) if you have one. There are charged audio guide but you could listen to the free audio guide through the Kaiyukan's Wi-Fi.
  • An annual pass is beneficial if you have the plan to visit Kaiyukan more than 3 times a year. Shopping at the official shop will be 10% discount if you have an annual pass.
  • Osaka bay is a good spot for sunset. You could watch a romantic sunset near the Kaiyukan if you walk out on the good timing.
What's interesting

Please watch huge “Pacific Ocean” tank from various angle. Not only whale shark that swims leisurely but also fish that crawl on the bottom of the sea is also interesting. You could feel that many creatures are living together.