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Experience a savannah and rainforest at the100-year-old Tennoji Zoo!

From lions and elephants to polar bears, koala, hippos, and penguins, you will find all kinds of animals at the Tennoji Zoo (天王寺動物園). In fact, the zoo houses over 1000 different animals representing some 200 species.
At 27 acres it is the largest zoo in Japan. It is also the third oldest, celebrating its 100th year in 2015.
The zoo Incorporates what it calls “ecological exhibitions.” These are landscapes that reproduce the natural habitats of the animals. For example, reproducing a Savannah for the giraffe and zebra to roam.

Another special feature of the zoo is the underground glass observation area where you can watch animals such as hippos frolic underwater.
These special attractions are perfect for a couple on a date or the whole family on an outing to enjoy.


Try to visit the animals during snack or meal time!

Tennoji Park’s 27 acres is a vast area to explore. So it is important to plan out your route as best you can ahead of time at the front gate. You will want to check out the time for that day’s snack time and breakfast and plan accordingly.
It is easy to find out the feeding schedule. It is posted at the front gate under captions such as: “elephant time,” “koala breakfast time,” “polar bear snack time,” “penguin dinner time;”etc.
Feeding times are a popular event, so it is better to arrive a little early.

See the animals in an “ecological exhibition!”

One of the attractions of Tennoji Zoo is their “ecological exhibitions.” Rather than house the animals in a cage like conventional zoos, these animals are kept in landscapes and habitats as close as possible to their natural habitat. It is better for the animals and it makes it easier to imagine what these animals would be like in the wild.
national park
For example, the zoo recreates an African savannah. It is modeled after the national parks of East Africa, where giraffes, zebras, ostriches, predators and herbivores can all live together. In the above picture you can see a lion taking a nap while at the same time the giraffe is eating and munching on the leaves.
In addition, the elephant walk provides a laid-back background of trees and dense tropical rain forest for the elephants to live comfortably.

Convenient airport Zoo

Tennoji Zoo has a very accessible location. It is conveniently located in the middle of Tennouji-Ku, Osaka (大阪市天王寺区). It is close to many of the JR lines and subway stations.
You can leave and re-enter the park as much as you want during the day if you have a ticket stub. That means that you’ll have time to visit some of the nearby cafes, restaurants, as well as, the Tsutenkaku and Museum of fine arts.

The popular destination, Abeno Harukasu is close by and makes a good stop to combine with the zoo for a full day’s schedule.

Smart tip
  • The schedule of the day’s animals snack and meal time is posted on the board at the front gate and is broadcast on the announcements.
  • There are a lot of benches in the park, but you may want to bring a blanket to sit on if the benches become too crowded. If you exit out of the ten shiba gate at the East end of the Zoo you will come upon a nice lawn that is a popular lunch spot.
  • If you enter the QR code into your smartphone you can hear a description of the animals and information about their habitats.
What's interesting

"Animals of the day" is a feature on the zoo’s website that uses a variety of approaches to provide a deeper understanding of the animals at the zoo and their habitats. It has features such as “the story of the vet” that are available from time to time. It is recommended to check the calendar on the homepage frequently.