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Go and see the “Abeno Bear” at Abeno Harukasu!

Abeno Harukasu (あべのハルカス) is Japan’s tallest building.
As a new landmark in Osaka, many people will visit this popular attraction,
yet they don’t just come for the view. Yes, watching the scenery from 300 meters (984 feet) above the earth is appealing but the official character the “Abeno Bear” (あべのべあ) is very cute.
He transforms into a variety of appearances in the different weather of the changing seasons.
The Abeno Bear has generous and self-paced nature. Since it is possible to meet him in a variety of places, please by all means enjoy seeing the Abeno bear!


There is direct access from Osaka abenobashi station, tennoji station.

Abeno Harukasu has department stores, museums, hotels, restaurants, etc.
It is a building complex that brings together many various facilities.
From the Tennoji station on JR or Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi station, it is at a very convenient location.
The Observatory where you can see the Abeno Bear is called “Harukasu 300”. (ハルカス300)
If you want tickets for admission during the day head to the 15th-floor entrance.

Harukasu 300 opens up to a view from 300 meters above the ground!

When you buy a ticket the dedicated high-speed elevator you will dash up 60 floors above ground to the observation floor. As you get off the elevator the glass wall offers you a 360-degree panoramic view.
You will feel like you are walking on air as you walk down the glass corridor.
There is a map identifying many of the surrounding buildings. And weather permitting you can see in addition to the Osaka Castle (大阪城) and the Port of Kobe(神戸港), you will be able to see Awaji Island (淡路島) and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. (明石海峡大橋)
madono annnaizu
Depending on where you stand you can even get a view under you all the way down to the street. It‘s ok if you get a little nervous! It looks like a long way down.

It is an unusual place to find the Abeno Bear!

The Abeno Bear lives in this space 300 meters above the ground. He moves around slowly in his home in the sky so you will time to time see him. When you do it is a good time to take a photo.
Dressed in Halloween costumes in October, and various other outfits to suit the event of the seasons, such as Christmas.
You can visit the website for Abeno Bear’s schedule, so please check it before you go.
sanposuru abenobea

Abeno Bear delicious sweets!

In the “Sky Garden 300” they have limited edition sweets only available here, made in the image of the Abeno Bear.
The “sky blue late” has a beautiful sky blue cream foam in a cup with the image of the Abeno Bear. The chocolate and marshmallows topped “Abeno pudding” which has tiny Abeno Bears floating in it looks like the Abino Bear floating in the clouds.
skyblue rate
Also at the 17th floor in the Italian cafe “Cafe Chao Presso” (カフェ チャオプレッソ), there are cappuccinos and pancakes that have the Abeno Bear’s image drawn on them. They look so good it almost seems a waste to eat them.

Many Abeno Bear souvenirs, of course!

There are a variety souvenirs you can buy at Abeno Harukasu 300 shops, such as keychains, smartphone cases, confectionery, stationery, a variety of Abeno Bear toys. But the most popular is the plush Abeno Bear puppet.
With the drowsy look on its face, it might work well to help soothe the child that does not get to sleep easily.
At dusk and times of an overcast sky, there is a variety of colors and patterns, that can be seen in the sky.
key horuda

A special event on rainy days.

The superb view of “Harukasu 300” is best when it is sunny, but sometimes you may not be able to see the scenery because of the rain.
Not to worry, there is a lot of fun things you can do to enjoy the rainy day. The Abeno Bear will change in appearance to a raindrop pattern for special rainy day activities.
Since clear views out the window aren’t available, they allow you to have a free time to paint beautiful scenes of your own on the windows.
I feels like drawing a picture in the sky!

Smart tip
  • Abeno Harukasu can be reached by the Kintetsu and JR subway lines. The most convenient is the Midosuji Line’s tennoji station. From the station head towards Abenoharukasu-kintetsu-honten and on the right side you will see Harkukasu shuttle elevator.
  • At Harukasu 300 even the toilets are surrounded by glass windows with quite an impressive view.
  • Check the “Abeno Bear” website for emerging information.
What's interesting

Going to the Harukasu 300 before around sunset is recommended. Weather permitting you will see beautiful sunset colors below. Also the city lights below is really something to see.