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Near Osaka Station is the perfect place for a date, the Umeda Sky Building’s “Floating Garden Observatory”

Close to JR Osaka Station there is a wonderful spot for a date at the Umeda sky Building’s (梅田スカイビル) “Floating Garden Observatory”(空中庭園展望台). You can spend time on the open air rooftop of this 568 foot high, 40-story building overlooking the city of Osaka.
Since twilight is the most romantic time to visit, a lot of couples come at this time.
Because it is so near to the station, you can stay without worrying about the time.


Even though it is near the train station it is little hard to find.

Umeda Sky Building just a short 7-minute walk from JR Osaka Station, but because it is a little hard to find your first time I will show you how to get there using a high elevation perspective.
This photo was taken from the square above the JR central Osaka Station Northwest Building 11th floor.
Directly ahead you see the Umeda sky building and to the right  is the Grand front Osaka Minami-Kan.
We will go through the underpass to the Umeda sky building. The entrance to the underpass is on the west side of the Grand front Osaka South building. Cross at the first traffic light to get there and when you go through the underpass, you will see the Umeda Sky building.

The Floating Garden Observatory is Packed with romance!

The floating garden Observatory is 568 feet above the ground and going to the top is  fun. Especially as you travel up the first 35 floors in a see-through glass elevator.
When you exit the glass elevator you will see an escalator that takes you to the top.  It’s just like a staircase to heaven.
It is nice in the day, but at night it is wrapped in blue light and becomes a space that is very romantic.

Where to go?
Here are three spots recommended for a date.

On the rooftop, there is a “Skywalk” where you can feel the wind on your face as you enjoy a 360-degree view overlooking the city of Osaka. It is a wonderful place to watch a sunset  and become wrapped in a romantic night light.
Enjoy the views of the skyscrapers on the 40th floor from private escargot cabin benches. They offer a slightly higher position and are perfect for a couple.
Also on the 40-floor, you can see river views. Enjoy the landscape with a calm atmosphere overlooking the Yodo River. There are no high rise buildings and occasionally you will see a plane landing at Itami airport.
On the same floor, there is a cafe, offering soft drinks and beer from around the world. It is a nice spot to drink, talk and enjoy the open view of the world below.

At the end of the date, you can lock your hearts in Love.

So many people have fond memories of the Umeda Sky Building’s Floating Garden Observatory.  It has often been used for dates, proposals, and even weddings.
So many times in fact that on the observation deck they have dedicated a space to the “God of love.” Here couples can engrave their names and date of their visit on an actual “heart lock” and have a record and constant reminder of their romantic meetings at the Umeda Sky building’s Floating Garden Observatory.

Smart tip
  • It is crowded in the early evening and night time, but if you are on a date this is the recommended time to come. If you are on a family outing, coming during the day is recommended.
  • The roof-top observation deck really has no roof. It can be very windy so hats and umbrellas are not a good idea. If it is raining, a rain coat is your best bet. If the weather is really bad you won’t be able to go out on the deck.
  • Approximately half of the visitors coming here are foreign tourists. The number of tourists visiting has been on the rise since 2013 with a record number of visitors in 2015.
What's interesting

Since there are such interesting things planned and seasonal special events, such as the starry sky Kanbo Board, check out the official website.