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Game sensation realistic experience! OKINAWA fruit land

“OKINAWA fruit land” is located in Okinawa in the northern part of the peninsula. Located in Izumi along the highway passing through the mountainous region.
As the name suggests, it is a tourist destination where tropical fruit is plentiful.
You will find rare tropical fruit and colorful birds in the subtropical orchard facilities. You can visit the butterfly born from the golden pupa at the “butterfly” natural monument. There is also a beautiful tropical fruit café.
It is time to introduce this wonderful place.
You can participate in the stamp rally. A realistic game experience that takes you around the park. Its name is “TROPICAL KINGDOM!”. What is tropical KINGDOM?


The “Tropical Kingdom”

Tropical Kingdom
This is the story of the subtropical orchards of OKINAWA fruit land.
“Tropical kingdom Story.”
The king of the Tropical kingdom has been kidnapped by the fairies. Save the tropical King!
A realistic experience stamp rally that has participants rescue the king to become a wise man. It is a stroll to enjoy a slow pace that incorporates the play through vision and experience as you proceed by solving 19 problems.

“Save the tropical King!” A stamp rally of realistic experience!

"Save the tropical King!" A stamp rally of realistic experience!

“Save the tropical King!” A stamp rally of realistic experience!

First of all, you get a paper stamp card at the entrance. Then start the video. It lasts about 3 minutes! It will explain the game.

Throughout the park are installed stamp pad machines. You will collect a stamp each time you solve a problem. Instead of pressing the stamp on your own, when the correct answer is given the machine will give you a stamp. Such a revolutionary system is here!

Such a stamp pad it is!

 stamp pad machine
The large-scale stamp pad machine is about 6 feet in height.
There are 19 machines in the park, with a problem to solve at each machine.
After inserting the paper, you are given a question with three choices for the answer. If you press the wrong button, giving an incorrect answer you will hear a “Boo!.” If you choose the correct answer you will hear “tropical sounds.
The machine takes care of stamping your paper.
stamping your paper.
The problems are surprisingly difficult, even for adults. Do not worry, though,
when you open the panel of the stamp pad you will find the answer written inside.
You will fully enjoy the hidden tricks even with a small child.

The tour of the park gives you a view of the world
as if you were in a picture book!

The world of the tropical kingdom is based on the idea of illustrations in a child’s book.There is a model of the cave and tree house, such as in a child’s picture book.
In the middle “Bird yard” you can feed the parakeets as they sit in your hand.
You can also pose for a commemorative photo with Schiesser
If you are quick, you can finish going around in about 60 minutes. When you arrive at the finish you can enjoy a cool place to rest inside.
Here the surprise of a digital video of the last story is waiting.
last story is waiting
There is a covered roof for the tour so no problem walking even in the rain. In the summer, the room temperature can get pretty hot. But in the winter, it is a comfortable stroll. So be prepared.

Finally, a fruit spree in the cafe!

At the finish, there is a beautiful Cafe waiting. The café is filled with luxurious tropical fruit. It is a summer paradise. Cooled with air conditioning.
I don’t know if you will be able to pass this by.
I can’t pass by such a wonderful treat like the Tropical fruit and drinks of such a wonderful café.
Pineapple “fruit board (1,250 yen).”
It is so nice!
tropical mix juice
Mango juice and tropical mix juice filled with is tapioca. (620 yen)
Once again, the photo of the “fruit board.”
fruit board.
Enjoy shopping and dining in the restaurants at “OKINAWA fruit land”. The realistic experience stamp rally is in conjunction with the 40 Anniversary.

Come and visit this leisurely temple!

Smart tip
  • There are many great places to take pictures. Especially near the Big sign of OKINAWA fruit land of character "Becker-kun.”
  • If you are going to the "Tropical Kingdom" stamp rally remember it is hot in the summer so come prepared with drinks. There is a convenience store in the parking lot.
  • 1-minute drive from the famous tourist destination of Nago "Nago Pineapple Park"!
What's interesting

The average turnaround time for the "tropical Kingdom" Stamp Rally is about 60 minutes. If you plan to stop, feed and take pictures with the bird about 90 minutes is required. And finally, if you want to stop and enjoy eating the fruit, figure on about 2 hours.