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Amazing “Neo Park Okinawa” (located in Nago City) is a different kind of zoo!

“Neo park Okinawa,” (ネオパークオキナワ) (located in Nago City) (名護市) is a different kind of zoo!
While observing the flora and fauna of Africa and Oceania, tourist can experience petting small animals. There are also butterflies and birds to see up close. You can buy bird and fish food and have fun feeding them.


The “Old Miss Okinawa” light railway is back!

The Old Miss Okinawa light railway operated before World War II. At the entrance, you can go up to the second-floor landing and see conductor’s clothes, and explore a fictional Nago station.
You can also ride on a replica of the original locomotive. Tickets are 660 yen for adults and 440 yen for children. The ride lasts about 20 minutes.
The Okinawa light railway is a great way to travel through the park while listening to the conductor describing the exhibits. We recommend taking a train ride first then explore on your own by foot. By the way, the starting point and the ending point is the same location.
The train stops at the Koi pond for about 5 minutes. You can buy carp bait at the Nago station. While the train is stopped if you drop the bait into the water the area will soon be flooded with hordes of carp.
While going through the Africa and Australia zone you can see ostriches and emus!
There are also American flamingos and peacocks, wild boars, and other animals to see
while you enjoy the ride!
The actual Okinawa light railway was opened on 12/1/1914. It was
destroyed during the World War II in 1945, There are some remains of it in the park still to this day. It was a D-51 type steam locomotive, and was reproduced in 1 / 2 size
and is used for the taking the tourists around the park.

The huge flocks of birds can be a little intimidating at “Flamingo Lake.”

After getting off the train it is time to start your excursion on foot. The starting point is the “Flamingo Lake.” Before you encounter the flocks of birds it is a good idea to have some bird feed with you!
Start dropping some of the feed and the birds will slowly approach.
The birds are not dangerous even when close up! They are noisy though
and will intrude on your so-called personal space.

Forget your everyday life and get a little healing from petting the animals.

Admission to the petting area is 300 yen. It is a wonderful experience and
children can even ride on the giant tortoises!
There is also a pomeranian and chihuahua dog exhibit.
They tend to take naps during the hottest part of the day, so hopefully you visit while they are still active.
3 years ago the park acquired a mini black pig named “tomo-Chan”. He is now considerably larger. There is also several Capybara you can feed along with the mini pigs.
“Neo park Okinawa” is quite large. It is best to take the train ride and afterwards give yourself plenty of time to take a leisurely stroll exploring the park. It is a wonderful experience to be surrounded by hordes of carp and birds and see the funny faces of all the cute animals. It is a pleasant tourist destination.

Smart tip
  • Feeding can be a truly amazing experience. Carp bait is 100 yen and bird feed is 200 yen. Both can be purchased at the park.
  • Pace yourself during the two-hour course! Hiking during the cooler parts of the day is recommended.
  • There are a lot of mosquitoes in the summer! Insect repellent spray is recommended!
What's interesting

You will come across several flocks of birds and many fancy animals while exploring the park. "Flamingo Lake" is not to be missed! This tropical adventure will make you feel like you have revisited your childhood.