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Enjoy the breathtaking views on the popular seaside drive on Kaichudouro road.

Another way to enjoy a trip to Okinawa is taking one of its spectacular drives! You will definitely enjoy the beautiful scenery unique to Okinawa while Taking a ride on Kaichudoro road. Along with Kouri Ohashi bridge (古宇利大橋) this is a very popular travel way in the middle of the Okinawan main island near Uruma city (うるま市) .
The name Kaichudoro means “runs in the sea ” it seems that this is precisely what you feel when driving this road.


Travel this popular sea road leading to the three islands!

Kaichudoro road is a road connecting the Katsuren peninsula of the main island to the Henza-jima, Miyagi-jima, and Ikei-jima islands. It is a road surrounded by beautiful blue sea. It is a wonderful route that runs for a distance of about 3 miles. It is a popular trip for locals to take on a date.
It travels across an area of water that people of the island enjoy walking on at low tide. At low tide the children have been known to walk this area on stilts. You will also meet people who take clams and octopus from the shallow water. At high tide the area will attract many young people who come to enjoy windsurfing.
The first island you come to when crossing the Kaichudoro Road is Henza-jima island. In the corner of the island is petrochemical complex. It seems a little out of place in this scenic landscape. Next is the Miyagi-jima island with the Okinawa “Nuchimaa to salt production plant.” Even with the salt plant here the
Views of the sea from Miyagi-jima you see while you are driving are great!
You continue driving and finally reach the red bridge entrance to Ikei-jima island.

If you get hungry stop at the Aya Hashi-kan restaurant complex!

Aya Hashi-kan station in the middle of the sea road. It is a beautiful location that I recommend visiting.
you can get fish tempura for 70 yen a piece. It is Okinawa styleTempura that is more fritter-like with a heavier batter. The squid tempura and the mozuku tempura are delicious. So if you get hungry in the middle of the drive, please stop in!

You can visit Yakena Strait lookout from the sea road.

Many people will go back -and forth on sea Road without stopping. It is a shame because the Yakena Strait lookout is worth the detour. A long time ago, this was the passage for ships traveling to Okinawa. The water here has a beautiful rich bass clean color. In 1978 it was elected to the Okinawa Prefecture tourist attraction’s top 35 list of the best landscapes of Okinawa Prefecture.

Smart tip
  • From the Sea road fork of Hamahiga-Ohashi bridge you can get to Hamahiga-jima island. It is called “the island of the gods” it is believed to be home to the gods Amamiciu and Sirmithieu. It is also a popular filming location for movies.
  • If a physically confident, You can take a walk across the entire road.(around 3 miles). Those walking can enjoy different views from those driving in a car.
  • If driving it is easier to stop at road stations as you go out towards the islands. If walking you can cross over to the other side.
What's interesting

Around the salt factory on Miygi-jima island (宮城島) there are three power spots that can add to your happiness. If you have the time, do visit here to take in the power of Okinawa.