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5 classic Tokyo tourist areas you don’t want to miss!

The following are highly Recommended classic Tokyo tourist sites. Even if you are unfamiliar with the area we will provide you with enough information to make for a smooth trip.


The fashionable tourist spot of Shibuya.

Not only for young people, this cosmopolitan city attracts tourists of all ages from around the world.
In front of the Shibuya station, you will see the famous statue of the faithful dog Hachiko.
Shibuya has the world’s largest intersection. This scramble intersection has as many as 500,000 people pass through in one day.
Also, check out the popular fashion center SHIBUYA109 and the Bunkamura”. Composite facility that contains a theater and several museums.
Then there is the cute Disney Store that has the appearance of a castle and the new Shibuya Landmark “Hikarie.”
I also recommended visiting NHK Broadcasting Center’s studio park, where everyone from young couples to entire families can enjoy themselves.
【Spot name】Shibuya
【Street address】Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

When visiting Asakusa you can feel the spirit of the Edo era!

Just by looking at the Kaminarimon you will become reminiscent of old “Tokyo.”
Asakusa is a popular tourist spot of Tokyo. You can enjoy a gourmet meal and entertainment from the long-established Edo era.
Visit Nakamise shopping street, which extends in a straight line from Kaminarimon to the Senso-ji Temple’s main hall. This is one of the oldest shopping streets in Japan. The well-established stores along the street are usually packed with a large number of tourists.
Also, an interesting sight is the Edo ukiyo-e dressed crowd visiting the various theaters. And there is the “Asakusa entertainment hall,” where you can enjoy comedy, magic, acrobatics, and impersonators. Also recommended is the retro amusement park, “Hanayashiki.”
【Spot name】Asakusa
【Street address】Taito-ku, Tokyo

Recommended tourist spots from Harajuku to Omotesando!

Takeshita street is the epicenter of the “Kawaii” culture that is right in front of the ticket gate of Harajuku Station.
People are walking around eating crepes as they go to the small shops and cafes around the narrow streets of the classic Harajuku, Tokyo.
Along Meiji street, Harajuku is the “Holy Land Laforet” for girls’ fashion. There is also the “Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku.”
And do not forget to explore the so-called “Urahara”. Also recommended is the Kawaii Culture Creation shop “Kiddy Land” and The Omotesando’s “Omotesando Hills.” Famous brand shops of Harajuku and delicious crepes are waiting for you!
【Spot name】Harajuku
【Street address】Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

The recommended sophisticated attractions of Roppongi

Two areas that we highly recommend seeing in Roppongi are Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown.
Roppongi Hills,’ Mori Tower is 54-story complex with an observatory on top. Tokyo Midtown has a vast green outdoor park area.
One of the charms of the Roppongi is that there are so many museums. The Roppongi Hills has the Mori Art Museum. Tokyo Midtown has the Suntory Museum of Art and the 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT. Also close is the Midtown National Museum with impressive design by the designer Mr. Kisho Kurokawa.
Visit Roppongi where along with the shopping, you can enjoy gourmet food and art.
【Spot name】Roppongi
【Street address】Minato-ku, Tokyo

Let’s walk! Tokyo Station to the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo Station is the nearest railway station to the Imperial Palace. Since your taking the time to visited in Tokyo, it is worth it to walk to the Imperial Palace. You will be walking through one of the largest business districts in Japan, On the way is the Marunouchi Building, a large-scale commercial facility. Here you can enjoy window shopping.
A little further west is the Wada warehouse fountain park. Across the street from Wada warehouse fountain park is the Imperial Palace Square.
I also recommended on your return to the station to explore the famous sights of Nijubashi.
【Spot name】Tokyo Marunouchi
【Street address】Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo