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Enjoy a stylish lunch at one of these popular restaurants in Harajuku, Omotesando, and Aoyama.


Photo credit:Tropical went Harajuku Harajuku store (nanngokushuka)

Enjoy everything from fresh Chinese, fast food and Italian in the Harajuku, Omotesando and Aoyama areas. While traveling you may want so many different styles of lunch. So let us introduce some popular places to enjoy a stylish lunch for singles, couples as well as a group of friends.


Enjoy a great Italian lunch at this Minami-Aoyama restaurant!



Naples style pizza was first baked in Japan at this restaurant located in Minami-Aoyama(南青山). This shop that reproduces a shop in the port city of southern Italy [Naples] is perfect place for a date. They Cook with ingredients carefully selected from Italy, including organic flour and cured ham. Eating in from the weekday lunch menu is recommended (1,200 yen). You can also take home takeout pizza. No Reservations are needed!
【Spot name】Napule
【Address】5-6-24 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】Lunch weekdays 11:30a.m. to 2:00p.m.
          Lunch Sat Sun holiday 11:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.
          Dinner 5:30 to 10:00p.m.
【Closed】Open every day

Enjoy a lunch of delicious burgers!


Source:The Burger Stand Fellows

The Burger Stand Fellows is just a 2-minute walk from Omotesando station (表参道駅) in Kita-Aoyama. This popular burger shop can be identified by its green door. Enjoy the grilled juicy patty with crush egg and chili Teriyaki Burger (1,100 yen). Once you taste it you will become hooked for life. Instead of beef patties you can also enjoy a boiled egg burger, an avocado vegetable burger, or a shrimp Burger (1,200 yen). While shopping in Harajuku and Omotesando we recommend you stop in for lunch.
【Spot name】The Burger Stand Fellows
【Address】3-8-11 Kita Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】Tuesday-Saturday 11:30a.m. to 4:00p.m., 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m.
Sunday 11:30a.m. to 7:00p.m.
【Closed】Monday (open on Monday when closed on holidays)

A great place for a Bretz style galette.


Source: food log

Bretz Café Creperie in Omotesando is a relaxed café-restaurant tucked in a back alley of Omotesando. It is a casual lunch restaurant decorated with paintings by artists from France. It is a warm atmosphere that even a single woman would feel comfortable in. You can enjoy a buckwheat galette recipe that originated in Bretz, France. It is made with fresh ingredients, such as eggs, ham, mushrooms, bacon and coated with salted butter. Have a stylish lunch topped off with a fine malt apple cider. Their special butter and cider can be purchased in the attached grocery shop.
【Spot name】Omotesando Bretz Café Creperie
【Address】3-5-4 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】11:30a.m. to 10:30p.m. Monday-Saturday
         11:30a.m. to 10:00p.m. On Sundays and public holidays
【Closed】Open all year round.

Have lunch at this Paris style bistro cafe in Aoyama.


Source: food log

Brasserie Cafe Leconte is a bistro Cafe on the 3rd floor of Festae Omotesando building in Minami-Aoyama. They have loft seating adorned with antique furniture and decorated with likenesses of the Paris Eiffel Tower. The café offers a healthy menu with ingredients purchased directly from local producers and fishermen. Soup, salad, rice or bread, lunch plates with drinks are served for 850 yen. From Harajuku Station it is a 5-minute walk. From Omotesando station it is just a 1-minute walk.
【Spot name】Brasserie Café Leconte
【Address】Festa Omotesando Shinkan building 3F 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】11:30a.m. to midnight (Last order at 11:00p.m.)
         LUNCH 11:30a.m. to 3:00 (Last oreder at 3:00p.m.)
【Closed】Open every day

Enjoy lunch at this Harajuku area resort space!


Source: food log

The Flamingo Cafe, located in Minami-Aoyama is surrounded by green nature. This restaurant serves authentic Italian (medium roasted) “Beef Tagliata” (2,800 yen). It is their most popular menu item. Lunch on the open-air terrace is exceptional!
You will forget the hustle and bustle of Omotesando having a blissful lunch in this Aoyama resort space.
【Spot name】Flamingo Café Grasseria Aoyama
【Address】Grasseria Aoyama 1F 5-4-41 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】Lunch 11:30a.m. to 3:00p.m. (Last order at 3:00p.m.)
          Cafe 3:00p.m. to 5:30p.m.
          Dinner 5:30p.m. to 11:00p.m. (Last order at 10:00p.m.)
【Closed】Year-end and new year holidays.

This is the place for a delicious chicken dish late lunch!

青山 鶏味座 (究極の親子丼)

Source: food log

Aoyama Torimikura is a 5-minute walk from Omotesando station. It features Tokyo chicken and the chicken yakitori. The popular “ultimate Oyako-Don (1R,080 yen)” is a gem you can enjoy with its rich egg. You can also enjoy hearth baked chicken on a hearth in front of the counter. Lunch time is until 4 p.m., so you can enjoy a late lunch.
of satisfying chicken while you relax.
【Spot name】Aoyama Torimikura (Aoyama branch)m
【Address】3-12-4 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】Monday-Friday 11:30a.m. to 4:00p.m., 6:00p.m. to 11:30p.m. (Last order at 10:30p.m.)
Weekends and public holidays. 11:30a.m. to 4:00p.m., 5:00p.m. to 10:30p.m(Last order at 9:30p.m.)
【Closed】Open every day

Harajuku Shanti offers authentic Hokkaido soup curry.


Source:Shanti HP

Shanti-Harajuku is the place to enjoy the authentic soup curry that was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. The restaurant’s casual atmosphere has rooms divided by a curtain. The soup is made with Chinese medicine and herbs. It has more than 20 kinds of spices and you can choose from two types, a modified version and the original soup. Both served according to taste. You choose from 40 different levels of spice. The first 6 levels being quite mild, and increasing from there in ethnic color, and strong flavor. This cost-effective medicine meal soup is the best course to survive the hot summer and cold winter, You can also enjoy their snacks and drinks menu. This Is definitely a Harajuku tourism recommended lunch spot.
【Spot name】Harajuku Shanti
【Address】Honorary Harajuku Bldg 2F 3-26-11 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo

An easy to access Chinese restaurant in Harajuku.


Photo credit:Tropical went Harajuku Harajuku store (nanngokushuka)

Harajuku Nangokushuka is a 55 year old Chinese restaurant serving delicious Chinese food in Japan. They use the ingredients of each seasons theme to make their original Chinese cuisine. They were the first in Japan to serve sweet and sour pork with pineapple. You can get there ‘herb pork Cantonese sweet and sour pork” with tropical drink specialties for lunch on a weekday for 1,400 Yen. Extensive private rooms and the number of seats are available. It is just a 2-minute walk from Harajuku Station along Omotesando Avenue.
【Spot name】Tropical went Harajuku Harajuku store (nanngokushuka)
【Address】Olympia Co-op 6-35-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
【Hours of operation】11:30a.m. to 10:30p.m. (Last order at 9:30p.m.)