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Everyone enjoys shopping at the open-air Mori Art Museum After viewing the art

The Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Roppongi Station (六本木駅) connects directly from the concourse to the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. On the 53rd Floor of the tower is the Mori Art Museum (森美術館). It is a very popular place to visit not only because it is conveniently located but because it is open until 10 pm at night (Tuesday only until 5PM). It is an informal environment for shopping even though it is a Museum of Fine Arts.


Our motto is “art and life”

Mori Art Museum presents their own world of radical art, architecture and design. Past exhibitions include, Andy Warhol’s “eternal 15 minutes” and the “LOVE” exhibition, art of-Chagall, and Yayoikusama Kusama. They have also exhibited the work of Hatsune Miku.” The Gohyakurakan figure exhibition of Takashi Murakami was held up to 3/2016. The museum works under the realization that an affluent society enjoys art in every aspect of life. Their motto “art & life”, has gained support from a wide range of patron types.

I want to go all Museum shops

Roppongi Hills, Art Museum has 3 shops. On the 3rd floor is the Museum of fine arts, “Roppongi Hills art & design store located next to the ticket counter. There is a wide range of art & design goodies available. On the 52nd floor you will find the Roppongi Hills Tokyo City souvenir shop. It is filled products painted by the artists on display in the museum.
On the 53rd floor the Mori Art Museum shop sells other exhibition-related merchandise.

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