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Important cultural properties preservation is the mission and the Tokyo National Museum!

From the JR lines Ueno Station’s Park exit or the Guisudani Station’s south exit it is a 10-minute walk. The Tokyo National Museum (東京国立博物館) is Japan’s oldest Museum, founded in 1872. It displays the culture of various countries, but mostly items from Japan. It is nicknamed the “TNM.” It primarily focuses on Oriental works of art, historical documents, archaeological remains (preservation, restoration and exhibition). There are both year round culture exhibits and limited-time special exhibitions. Very popular are the national treasure swords of the famous munechika sanjyo which started being exhibited in May of 2015. There are always new things to be discovered at the Tokyo National Museum.


There are more than 116,000 items to enjoy!

At the Tokyo National Museum there are more than 116,000 permanent items on display. In addition you can see different culture exhibits every month. It would take you more than a day to thoroughly go through all the items or you can rush through in about an hour. After touring the museum, please stop by the souvenir shop where you can buy everything from cute souvenirs toys, professional books, haniwa socks and even cookies!

There is always something special going on at the TNM!

There is always something special going on at the Tokyo National Museum. The popularity of the National treasure swords of Munechika Sanjyo that have been exhibited since 2015 has been influenced by the popular online game “sword dance (tourabu). Also very popular is the fascinating special exhibition from the beginnings of Bulgari’s works that were exhibited in the art of Bulgari exhibition. Tourists from all over the world and around the country come here to appreciate the exhibitions.

TNM has a really affordable admission fee!

The Tokyo National Museum has a really affordable admission price! Adults 620 yen, college students 410 yen, less than 18 years of age and 70 years or older can enter free of charge. On May 18th, “International Museum Day” it is free admission for everyone. At the nearby Ueno Royal Museum, and the National Science Museum (which displays dinosaur fossils), they celebrate “Ueno Museum week.” For 2 weeks each year they have special events and discounts.