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The symbol of Tokyo, “Tokyo Tower” is an amusement park in the sky!

From the Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Kamiyacho station(神谷町駅), exit No.1 it is a 7-minute walk to Tokyo Tower (東京タワー). From exit 1 If you walk straight down Sakurada street on your left you will see the 999 feet high Tokyo Tower. Ever since it opened in 1958, it has been a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. Especially popular is seeing the view of Tokyo from the observation deck. The tower will play a big part in enhancing the festive mood in 2020 for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Its special lighting has long captured the hearts of the Japanese and made for fond memories.


Enjoy the attractions at this 999 feet high tower!

The area of Tokyo Tower from the basement 1st floor to the roof is known as ‘Foot Town.” There you will find the Aquarium, One piece Tower, restaurants, gift shops, and more!. Among the biggest attractions is One piece Tower that extends from the from the 3rd floor to the 5.th There you can see “One Piece” characters along with “Luffy’s endless adventure”, and “Zorro” characters. Each character has a different attraction, so guests can enjoy them all day long. If you are tired you can rest and get something to eat and rest at “Sanji’s my restaurant” or “Mugiwara Cafe”. All guests can pamper themselves in the world of One Piece!

Tokyo Tower glows in the night sky!

To highlight the Tokyo Tower, it is lit up with two types of lights. Landmark lights that light the building from the ground up and the “diamond veil” which are lights of seven different colors shining down the outside of the building. Different colors are used to represent different things. For example, red is “love and appreciation”, blue-green is earth and peace. So people Love to check out Tokyo Tower when it is lit up, to see what the message might be.