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[Special issue] Absolutely fall in love! A summary of a Tokyo’s beautiful night view!

nisi sinjyuku
We offer you a wonderful recommendation spot with a beautiful night view that you can feel “big city Tokyo”. It covers everything from a gorgeous night view spot where you can also enjoy dinner to a facile night view spot you can enjoy for free. There are a lot of night views that you feel the distance get closer when you look at with your lover.


The best night view spot in the real night view in Minato-Ku

“Seaside top” is on the top floor of the World Trade Center Building. You can see the brightness of skyscrapers, the Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Sky Tree in a far distance. The night view of Odaiba, the Rainbow Bridge, and the light of the ship going through Tokyo Bay; a beautiful nightscape like forgetting time is spreading in any direction. It is a luxurious night view.
Tokyo City View, also in Minato Ward, is an indoor observation corridor located on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills. The Tokyo Tower is right there. You can also see the Sky Tree and the Rainbow Bridge, and the airplane which fly from Haneda Airport in the back of Odaiba. The outdoor observation corridor “Sky Deck” is on the rooftop which is 20 meters further. It is an open space corridor where you can enjoy the night sky with the starry sky. It is the best night view spot that makes you feel like being wrapped in stardust.
【Spot name】A night view at Minato-Ku
【Address】Minato-Ku, Tokyo

A night view of a romantic bridge on a date @ Odaiba

Odaiba is one of the foremost waterfronts in Tokyo. It is a popular night view spot for couples dating and families. Commercial facilities are standing along the coastline, and the night view of the opposite shore; you can see the brightness of the city irrespective of the season. It is also appealing to be able to enjoy both lights-ups of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree at once. Let’s enjoy the best time with the night view of the romantic waterside. A night view from the land is also good, but the night view seen from above the sea is also very romantic.
【Spot name】Odaiba
【Address】Daiba, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Great view! A Night view from Tokyo’s two big towers is world’s top level!

Tokyo 2 big tower
Tokyo Tower: The night view of Kanto area which you can see from the special observation room with a height of 250 meters is the best part! A majestic night view spreads in any direction. The view towards Odaiba is beautiful. The contrast of the Rainbow Bridge’s sparkle and jet black, the expression of the light-up that the Ferris wheel shows; it can be a night view spot you want to see forever.
Another symbol is Tokyo Sky Tree ®. You can see a night view that includes Tokyo’s entire center including Tokyo Tower from the 3-layer structure observation deck “floor 350” located 350 meters above the ground. Under the eyes, the Capital express highway is running along the Sumida River. You can feel the uplifting feeling at the car running at the Capital express highway and swallowed up into the dazzling glitter of skyscrapers. It is exactly the luxurious night view spot that Tokyo boasts to the world.
【Spot name】Two Big Symbols in Tokyo

Nishi-Shinjuku is a facile recommended night view spot

nisi sinjyuku
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office: The view from the height of 202 meters above ground is exceptional! And entrance free! Tokyo Sky Tree in the northeast, Tokyo Tower in the south-east, and Tokyo Opera City in the south-west; you can enjoy the glowing night sky. In the restaurant located in the 1st Main Hall Northern Observation Room, you can make a reservation on the internet for “Night Scenery Seats” for dinner. On the 51st floor of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building, there is a free viewing lobby where you can enjoy a powerful night view. From the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in the south-west to Nakano / Koenji in the north-west, you can enjoy a view of almost 180 degrees. There are many shops that can be enjoyed at reasonable prices in the restaurant street on the 48th floor to the 52nd floor. It is a super easy night view spot where you can enjoy night view at no cost.
【Spot name】Nishi-Shinjuku
【Address】2-chome, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo

The lighted-up Tokyo station building and the night view are in front of you!

The night view of the Marunouchi area is full of flamboyance and dynamism that makes you realize “Tokyo”. The roof garden “KITTE Garden” is an open space of about 1,500 square meters. The night view of the Tokyo station Marunouchi station building is nearby. Another recommended night view spot in Marunouchi is the restaurant zone named “Marunouchi House”. It has sophisticated shops and spaces like the streets of Europe. There are also many benches and terrace spaces where you can sit back and relax with food and drinks on the floor, so it looks like an open air restaurant. Why don’t you enjoy “adult playground” while having talks and enjoying a beautiful night view?
【Spot name】Marunouchi
【Address】Marunouchi, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo

Easy night view spot in Shibuya

The sky lobby on the eleventh floor of Shibuya Hikarie is a night view spot of a well-organized Tokyo night view. There is fun like watching the diorama. The Tokyo Metro Ginza line is visible right under and you can see the skyscrapers in Shinjuku on the north side. And the viewing lobby on the 39th floor of Ebisu Garden Place Tower: It is also recommended that you can enjoy the night view of central Tokyo in the free admission. Shinjuku skyscraper district is in the north and Ebisu Station is in the north-west. You can enjoy an urban-like night view with movements, such as the light of a train running through and the head light of a coming car. The 39th floor with the observation lobby is an observation restaurant town. Depending on the shop, you can also enjoy night views of Odaiba, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Sky Tree and so on.
【Spot name】Shibuya
【Address】Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo