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Inspired by the designs of medieval Europe, beautiful “Venus Fort!”

From the Rinkai line Tokyo teleport station it is a 3-minute walk to “Venus Fort (ヴィーナスフォート),” You can also take the Yurikamome line to the Aomi station. It has direct access from the ticket gate. There are many places to explore at the Venus Fort. On the 1st floor there is a large furniture store. On the 2nd floor there are outlet stores, fashion shops and restaurants. Parts of the 2nd and 3rd floor recreate medieval European towns with a ceiling (sky) that changes over time. With Church square, Fountain Square, a shopping mall and local attractions, it has become a popular sightseeing spot of Odaiba.


“Venus Fort” photo!

“Venus ground,” located on the 2nd floor recreates the look of a medieval European town. There is an Information center next to the entrance. Check out the “mouth of truth” (a replica from the one in Rome). Many couples stop here to have their picture taken. Also go to “Fountain Square.” It is six large fountains (a circle of squares), supported by the goddesses. Lots of people use this as a rendezvous spot. It is also a great place for a photo shoot. It is easy here to imagine the atmosphere that existed in medieval Europe. The church square in the back is impressive with its large gates and pillars. There are often special events held in Church Square! lt is a famous shooting spot, often used for wedding photos!

Enjoy a meal at a stylish restaurant!

Around Church square and Fountain Square there are many trendy cafés and restaurants lined up. Like commonly found in European shops there is outside seating and plenty of staff waiting to serve you. The ceiling (sky) changes from daytime into a beautiful sunset that makes for a perfect atmosphere for making a toast with one of the restaurants fine wines.

Something interesting awaits you “off the beaten” path at “Venus Fort!”

The survival game “Asobiba” may seem a little out of place at the Venus Fort. But this popular attraction “off the beaten path” is a great activity for reducing stress, and creating deeper bonds between couples and friends. Also on the 3rd floor are several outlet stores. Outlet stores are usually only found in the suburbs. So these city outlets are very popular.