| Tokyo

Come to Fuji TV to have fun and buy TV character merchandise!

Starting at the Yurikamome line Shimbashi station go to the Toyosu or Daiba station. It is a 3-minutes walk from either station. From the Rinkai line Tokyo teleport station it is a 5-minute walk. Fuji TV (フジテレビ) produces numerous hit shows. Viewers can come down to the station and see up close TV broadcasting and enjoy a multifaceted menu of program-related goods and events. It’s like an amusement park in an office building. It is a popular Odaiba tourist spot!


Visit where the popular shows of ‘Fuji’ TV are made!

There are plenty of things to do at “Fuji TV.” On the 1st floor, in the Theater Mall, you will find “Chibi Maruko-CHAN’s Cafe” and other popular shops in their open air atrium area. On the 5th floor there is “Wonder Street.” It is a reproduction of a street setting that has been used as a prop in some of their shows. It makes a wonderful place to take some photos. On the 7th floor there is a rooftop garden, souvenir shops, and the “F-island” shop. The space is transformed during special events. There is an admission fee to get to the 24th-floor studio “Mezama Sky” and to enter the 25th floor’s “observation deck.”

Big events are planned for the Summer at Fuji TV!

Big events are held every day at “Fuji TV” during the summer. The building has become a centerpiece of the Tokyo tourism. Their delicious food stalls, popular programs and fun events have become an important part of many people’s summer planning. It provides a space for collaboration with many artists. There is an admission fee for the day (General: 2000 yen, elementary and junior high students: 1000 yen) Please note that tickets are required for even popular live shows and special events.

Participate in the quiz rally!

If you are up for a challenge you can come and play “Fuji TV NEP League “quiz.” There are quiz questions written on panels installed in five locations of the station. If you can answer all the questions correctly you get an “original clear file!” If participants don’t get all the questions right, there is still a consolation prize, so don’t worry! One more thing, there is a stamp rally centered around the Rafu-kan character. If you are able to collect all 5 stamps you can get Rafu-kun goods! You need to sign up and get your paper to be stamped at the information center.