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Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is a popular tourist attraction! The view from the Observatory!

On the Toei Subway Oedo Line “tocho-Mae Station” off and connected to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government(東京都庁). Tokyo Metropolitan Government building is personal if the immigration agency procedures anyone can tour freely open places. Even in the city, moving into tourism. You can also get detailed information about sightseeing in Tokyo and metropolitan Observatory for Capitol, 202 m above the ground and I was good to go and probably. It is filled with tourist attractions as is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.


Leave Tokyo tourist information also for souvenirs!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office on the first floor in is, the Tokyo tourist information center happy tourists. To obtain more detailed information brochure including the islands of Tokyo and search for PC, so that you can. In addition, products of Tokyo and metropolitan original items are sold. It is a specialty liquor sake made in Tokyo (Edo-kiriko, Edo fan, etc.), Tokyo, Izu Islands and the Ogasawara Islands, well equipped, so you want to drop in tourism last place.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government building overlooking the Tokyo Observatory!

Capital is 202 meters above the ground to say what is interesting available for tours of the Capitol, staff canteens, South North two Observatory is recommended. Each irregularly, and hours are different from the views are both best! Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo sky tree views of Tokyo!. In addition, excellent restaurants for lunch and dinner. If the North Tower are open until 23:00 night views. Because, of course, there is a souvenir shop one day and would never get bored!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government building with art!

Try including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building Tokyo one offers free art appreciation is?? Including the first Hall on the first floor of the art, indoor/outdoor located 38 points, such as sculpture or relief artwork. Visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building if in nature what is not nice to imprint offering works by enters the eye for a moment’s pause, contemporary art from Japan’s leading and foreign artists, citizens and artists?