A smartphone camera is really good to keep memories of your trip!

sumahode kinensatuei
Until now, digital cameras and video cameras were indispensable items for traveling. Recently, though the smartphone has come to fulfill its role. As well as taking pictures of landscapes and events at travel destinations, it keeps you in touch with others! This article introduces some of the tips on shooting with a smartphone.
Check 1. Clean the lens!
The lens of the smartphone is exposed. Therefore, it is often dirty with fingerprints and dust, so first clean the lens! Even a handkerchief or tissue is okay, but it is the best if you use a cleaning cloth made for glasses.
Check 2. Adjust the camera resolution setting!
On an iPhone, you can set the resolution. Set it to the highest numerical value.
If you are using an Android Phone you may not be able to set the resolution.


Watch out for shooting points

Check 1. Using the zoom function!
On most smartphones, including the iPhone, if you use the zoom function (optical zoom) becomes “digital zoom.” For example, when a single-lens reflex camera with 10 million pixels is zoomed in, the number of pixels will be reduced to 2.5 million pixels if it approaches 4 times. In other words, if you shoot with a zoom, the image becomes coarse. So, if you want to get a close up of something, rather than use the zoom feature, get closer to what you want a picture of!
Check 2. Shoot with as much light as possible, backlighting is best!
The shooting position for scenery is determined by nature, but where you stand is important. To capture to best image a backlit scene is ideal. So be conscious of where the light is coming from when photographing with your smartphones. Shoot with the sun and any other light in back of you!

In case of backlight

Think of the composition

There are three simple compositions!
Check 1. Hinomaru composition!
It is a composition that brings what you want to photograph to the center.
It is the easiest to use, so it is recommended for beginners!
hinomarukouzu Check 2. Three-part composition!
It is a composition that divides the image of the portrait or landscape screen into three equal parts. Place the subjects you are focusing on at the intersection of the lines and circles
Check 3. Two-part composition!
It is a composition that divides the image into two equal halves. It is suitable for shooting vertical and symmetrical objects.
The smartphone application is often equipped with the “grid line” function.

How to prevent camera shake.

In order to take beautiful pictures, holding the camera still is important!
For that reason they sell tripods for smartphones. When traveling though you may want to reduce the number of bags you have to carry, so let’s tell you how to reduce camera shake without a tripod.
Check 1. Steady your body and keep arms close!
Lean against the wall and steady yourself so that your body does not move.
tuck both arms to your side. This position can pretty much prevent camera shake.
Check 2. Use the self-timer!
Since moving your hand when you go to press the shutter button, will surely blur the photo, it is better to use the self-timer. Set the self-timer for about 1 second to 3 seconds and wait for the shutter to come down while holding your phone in a stable condition. It takes a while, but it is quite effective for preventing camera shake.

How to take a selfie well!

Since the photographs you take will become the memories of the trip, You will want to take a few pictures of yourself. Typically, people are satisfied with the average quality of a selfie photo. But there are ways to get a really good picture of both the scenery and you. Keeping the following four points in mind you can take beautiful selfies with your smartphone.
Check 1. Use the out camera!
Smartphones have an in-camera (front) and an out-camera (back). Depending on the model, in-camera lenses are often of low quality. However it is difficult using the out-camera for selfies level because it is hard to shoot because the screen can not be seen when shooting. If you practice taking out-camera pictures as much as possible,
you will be able to take beautiful pictures!


Check 2. Stretch out your arms!
If you want to take a selfie with as much of the scenery as possible, stretch out your arms and pull your neck back as far as possible from the camera as you take the picture. It becomes a more well-balanced photograph.
tewonobashite jidori
Check 3. Line up horizontally!
A selfie with two people will cover most of the screen if the camera is held the vertically. If you want to capture the landscape behind while taking a selfie, hold the camera horizontally!
Check 4. Use the popular Seruka sticks or Seruka lens!
Recently popular are the self-shooting tool “Celuka Stick” (Selfie Stick)”and “Seruka lens.” If you use a “Seruka lens,” you can shoot from distances and angles as if they were taken by another person.
However, please note that there are places where it is prohibited to use Seruka sticks. Also in places where they are not prohibited, that have many people around, do not forget to pay attention to your surroundings and display good manners!
If you can take a beautiful picture, you can remember the trip vividly by looking at the picture at a later date. So, remember these points and use your phone to take beautiful pictures!