Two adults can use 3 seats! Learn the tricks of the airplane seat selection!

Have you ever been disappointed by the location of your airplane seat? Maybe you wanted a window or an aisle seat that you didn’t get. Or maybe you were separated from your family or friends.
In order to be more comfortable in the cabin, I will introduce the knack of seat selection.


Imediately make your seat selection when you checmk in!

Seating is first-come, first-served basis. In order to get the seat you want,
open as soon as possible the online screen and specify the seat you want.
Take action as soon as you arrive!

Check back often!

If the seat you want is already taken, don’t give up to early.
Sometimes there are cancellations and the seat will become available.
Frequently check the online screen and you may get your preferred seat.

When you want to ensure seats together.

Sometimes a crowded plane doesn’t have two seats next to each other. The thing to do is to book your separate seats then keep checking back for cancellations and change your seating when something becomes available.

Tips on how to use 3 seats for 2 people.

If you are not traveling during the busy season and at a less popular time to fly, you have a chance to use 3 seats for 2 people.
One way is to skip a seat in a row of 3 when making your seat selections.
For example, if ABC seats are available, specify seats A and C.
It is less likely that those looking for a seat would choose the in between seat B. Even if someone is seated automatically by a travel company or the airline they are not going to put them in seat B if other seats are available. So you will have a good chance of getting 3 seats for 2 people.
* Note Even if seat B is filled, there is still a possibility that the person will be willing to move if there is another row or aisle seat available since those are the preferable seats.

Special seat selection techniques.

-Check the baby mark!
Look at the online seat selection screen or airport check-in machines.
“Travelling with a baby” seats are displayed.
Small children may cry and if you have to work in the cabin, or if you are tired and want to sleep, you can choose a seat away from the infant.
-Still time at the airport to change seat assignments.
Because it is important to keep the aircraft balanced in flight
Seats available for advanced seat selection can be limited.
For example, if most seats were selected on the left they may block the remaining seats on the left so that more people have to sit on the right. However as the departure time approaches and the left and right sides are more equally filled they will release the blocked seats.
So be sure and check out seat availability again online or at the ticketing machine.
Using these seat selection tips you are more likely to get the seat you want! So enjoy a comfortable flight by specifying good seats.