To Better enjoy your travel learn these methods to sleeping comfortably on the airplane!

kinaideno suimin
Do you sleep soundly on an airplane? Many people would answer “I can not sleep well.” In order to enjoy yourself as much as possible at your destination, it is best to preserve your physical strength while on the airplane! When you don’t sleep well on the airplane, it is not uncommon to fall asleep at the hotel soon after arriving. In order not to waste a day of traveling, We will show you how to sleep soundly on the airplane.


Things to prepare in advance

1.Seat designation
If you want to sleep peacefully without interruption, choose a seat on the window side. There is no worry about having to get up when a person next to you needs to go to the toilet. You can also sleep without worrying about people coming and going in the aisle.
Please refer to this article for choosing a seat that can be comfortable and sleepy.
→Flight is more comfortable, during the crowded hours, what is the seat?
As you fly to higher altitudes the air pressure in the aircraft lowers and gases accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract and your stomach area expands.
It sometimes feels cramped even if your clothes usually fit comfortably.
Therefore, loose-fitting clothes are a good idea! Relaxing pants such as sweatpants are recommended. Tight clothes such as jeans should be avoided because they may tighten around your waist and lead to poor circulation.
There are also times when the air conditioner feels strong on the airplane, so you should be prepared with a lightweight jacket or sweater.
Blankets are also available on the aircraft, but even with a blanket you may still need something warm to wear!
3.Sleeping the day before
There are things called “internal rhythm” that we all have.
That’s why we can sometimes not sleep well during the daytime even in an environment that is suitable for sleeping.
Therefore, it is a good idea to adjust your internal rhythm on the previous day.
It is recommended to control the time you sleep the previous day by calculating backward from the flight time.

Things that are good to have to help you sleep.

1.Eye mask
When the inside of the aircraft is bright, using an eye mask will reduce the amount of light that will get to your eyes. This way you can adjust your internal rhythm and you won’t be bothered by the lights constantly going on and off, and less likely to notice the traffic such as when in-flight sales service.
Like an eye mask, earplugs are effective for adjusting your internal rhythm.
It is like being in a world of your own, free of noise and very comfortable.
For those who are more concerned about the sounds that surround them it is also effective to listen to music with headphones or earphones. Because we tend to keep more conscious listening to songs with lyrics, wave sounds and relaxation music are recommended.
If you ask your flight attendant, they will bring you a blanket.
So feel free to use one, as it will help you sleep.
5.Pillow/neck pillow
“I knew that a blanket was available, but I did not know there is also a pillow.”
I think this sentiment is shared by many people! Their pillows are good to put under your head, also they are good behind your waist. It is also recommended to bring a neck pillow! The type that inflates with air is compact and convenient to carry.
Generally people who have been wearing shoes have swollen feet.
So instead it is good to bring slippers and wear them.

Things to try when sleeping

1.Movement of the seat
It is against the rules for anyone other than the person registered on the ticket to seat in that seat without permission.
So, it is a violation to move without permission even if there are vacant seats.
However, when there is room, it is possible to move to an empty seat with the flight attendants permission.
2.Drinking sickness
Most motion sickness medication contains caffeine so taking it may prevent you from getting sleepy. If you select and drink medication with less caffeine content, you may be sleepy on about 30 minutes to an hour.
3.Stretch to improve blood flow
Exercise with your fingertips opening and closing into your palm can help you improve your circulation and as a result, be able to relax and sleep. It is also recommended to stretch while sitting in the cabin.
Preliminary planning and preparation is the deciding factor of whether you can sleep on the plane. If you can sleep on the plane you can enjoy your trip as soon as you arrive!