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Visit the animals of the north at the Obihiro zoo!

Located about 20 minutes by bus from the Obihiro station. The zoo is a lush park with walking courses and outdoor exhibits, sculptures, a wildflower garden and a centennial memorial hall.
It is famous for being the only zoological garden with an Asian elephant, but there are many other animals of Hokkaido there as well, such as Ezo deers, Kita foxes, and Ezo squirrels. They also have playground equipment such as a merry-go-round and a Ferris wheel.


You may even see animal babies!

On the 20th March 2016, a female baby sea seal named Mashiro joined the Obihiro Zoo family.
Masilo spends most of her time keeping quiet at the edge of the swimming pool so that she can be cared for by her mother.
They are other breeding activities in the park, such as preparation for the birth of a baby Ezo squirrel. If you are lucky enough to see one of the baby animals, take a picture and make it a lucky charm.

You can come face to face with animals of the night

The zoo is home to many small beasts such as the Kita fox and Ezo raccoon. In the nearby “donguri house” you can see an Ezo flying squirrel. If you look down into its dark cage you can maybe see a flying squirrel when it pokes its head out from the hole of the tree.
Speaking of nocturnal animals, they also have an Ezo Owl. Inside the light of the day from July 29th through the 31th, the zoo will host a night viewing and they keep the zoo open until 9 o’clock. It is your best chance to see an Ezo owl moving around.

The Uemura Naomi Memorial Hall reproduced the dog sled used in the Arctic Circle!

Naoki Uemura (植村直己)Memorial Hall also known as the “House of Ice and Snow” was established in 1985. This is the year after the famous adventurer Naoki Uemura disappeared on Mt McKinley (the highest mountain on the North American continent).
In June of 1976 Naoki Uemura achieved a single 12,000 kilometer run in the Arctic Circle with a dog sled team and then donated 2 of the Eskimo dogs to the zoo.
In the hall that is shaped like an Eskimo’s house “Igloo,” the dog sled team that was used in the Arctic Circle is reproduced, as well as the equipment they used for climbing Mount Everest.

You can get on a merry-go-round for 100 yen!

There is various playground equipment at the zoo. You can buy playground tickets for 100 yen. The Ferris wheel rising located in the middle of the site has 16 cars that each hold four people (200 yen per ticket).
merry goland
They also have a 3-car bean train “Benkei-go” that can hold 45 people. It is popular among adults and children alike! (200 yen per ticket).
If you cross the railroad crossing from the Ferris wheel side you will also see a nostalgic merry-go-round. Here you can enjoy a ride for only 100 yen.
merry gorland

Smart tip
  • By using the”Tokachi bus" "Obihiro Zoo bus pack," You can go from the Obihiro Station to the Zoo and back again. The round trip bus fee and entrance ticket are set, you only pay 500 yen rather than the usual 860 yen.
  • Do not forget your hat or a parasol. Wear white clothing and the insects are less likely to bother you. Black clothes and sweet scent colognes are not advised.
  • The bus comes every 30 minutes. Going out from the east gate closer to the bus stop, going out from the main gate and going to the right you can get out near the bus stop while enjoying the green shade at the "sculpture diameter" in the same park as the zoo.
What's interesting

When the sun is strong, we recommend going to the Uemura Naomi Memorial Museum. It is “cool” and the appearance reminiscent of an Arctic ice house "Igloo." The dog sledding exhibition is realistic and feels like you are traveling in the world of ice and snow together!