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Enjoy the scenery of the #1 rated Hachimanzaka slope overlooking Hakodate Bay!

Hakodate city has Numerous slopes running straight through the Motomachi area towards the Bay Area. These are places where you can enjoy the view overlooking the ocean and the city. Hachimanzaka is the most famous slope of them all!
From the view of Hakodate Bay you can see the Museum Ship ( Mashumaru) that was active as a Seikan contact ship. Furthermore, if you look around, you can see Motomachi churches, and if you look up the slope you will see Mt. Hakodate. Many tourists visit with a camera, regardless of season or time, in order to take a picture of the beautiful sight.


Straight up from the bay area, this slope is a tourist attraction!

Among the numerous hills of Hakodate, Hachimanzaka is one you definitely want to visit. It is a pretty sight seeing the scenery and atmosphere. It is no wonder why it was chosen as the #1 slope in Japan!
It is a slope that goes straight ahead along the bay area where brick warehouses are lined up. When you look up the slope you will see Hakodate Mountain.
This slope that continues to Motomachi area was once connected to Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine as its name suggests. In 1880, the temple was relocated because of the big fire. It is a road with a total length of 270 yards of cobblestones that create a very fashionable atmosphere. There are also sidewalks on both sides and stairs of stone that add an accent to the scenery.

Enjoy the superb view of the city skyline and the sea!

The best thing is that the scenery from the top of the hill is beautiful no matter where you look. You can enjoy a refreshing view with no obstructions straight down to Hakodate Bay. When standing in the center of the road you can see the Mashumaru which was active as a Seikan contact ship.
In the distance, mountains are clearly visible and refreshing. Since the slope intersects with the city street, there is no doubt that it is a beautiful place to travel by car! This impressive scenery is also used in movies and dramas and as advertisement locations. Among them, it was particularly famous as the location of a dishwasher detergent ad. Due to this type of exposure, Hachimanzaka became famous nationwide and at the time it was once called “Charmy Green Slope”.
Its refreshing view is perfect for a commemorative shooting spot. Not only in the daytime but also the night view is quite attractive. The street lights Illuminating the streets of Mashimaru will produce a romantic atmosphere.

This slope is one of the best sightseeing spots around!

Because there are roads leading to Motomachi where tourist attractions concentrate, there are lots of places of interest around. From the top of the hill, go to the west to the ropeway mountain station, and to the Motomachi Catholic church where the weathervane chicken roof decoration is impressive.
Turning to the east, there is the former Hakodate ward public hall and Motomachi Park. The landscape of the port town overlooking Motomachi Park is amazing.
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Furthermore, in the middle of the slope, there are fashionable shops blending into the atmosphere of Motomachi. There are cafes such as the Motomachi coffee shop which offers delicious roasted coffee, so why not drop in when you get tired of walking?
It’s a great area for not only enjoying the scenery, but also to take a leisurely walk.

Take a walk to the oldest shrine in Hokkaido!

Hakodate Nishi High School is on the top of this slope and to the left, you can see a big Torii gate. Proceed further and you will see a stone staircase surrounded by trees that lead to the Funadama shrine. This is the oldest shrine in Hokkaido, a hidden place with a history of more than 800 years.
Ig was created in 1135 in the Heian period. It was created as a shrine that wishes for ship safety. It has been familiar to local fishermen and nicknamed “Mr. Funada.”
There is also a legend that Mr. Yoshitsune Minamoto(源義経) escaped from his brother’s Yoritomo and landed here. In the precincts there is also a daughter rock that represents a daughter who stood and showed where the water springs were.
From the inside of the precincts is a bright landscape that overlooks Hakodate Bay. Hachimanzaka has plenty of attractions and plenty of good atmosphere and scenery. While walking slowly and taking a break, it is a perfect place to enjoy the surroundings of the slope and the cityscape of Hakodate.

Smart tip
  • Not only in the daytime but also the evening and night view are attractive. In addition to the sunny days, there is also a pleasant view when the cobblestone is covered with rain and snow. Enjoy a different view depending on weather, time and season.
  • During the Christmas fantasy in December, Illuminations are given to the street trees, making it a more fantastic night view. Since the road is heated, even in winter, there is no snow on the road surface and you can ascend with confidence.
  • Access to various sightseeing spots such as the Bay Area and Motomachi Church group is outstanding. Although it is a long slope, there are fashionable shops on the way, so take a stroll while enjoying the view.
What's interesting

Funatoshi Shrine, located further on the slope, is a must see if you like shrines and temples. The depth of history is felt, it seems to give off power. Incidentally, Hakodate Nishi High School adjacent to the shrine was also the school of Enka singer Saburo Kitajima(北島三郎).