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Enjoy watching the bay area scenery at the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse!

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When speaking of tourist attractions in Hakodate, the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse always come up. It is part of a commercial facility that made use of the warehouse built in the late Meiji era. You can enjoy shopping and meals indoors. In addition, the landscape and the surroundings are also a big appeal. The appearance of brick warehouses in the bay area gives you a feeling of nostalgia for this old port city. Knowing the history of the buildings, helps to enjoy these most interesting sights of Hakodate!


Enjoy taking a walk in the retro warehouse group while feeling the sea breeze!

Kanemori Red brick warehouse is a landmark of Hakodate. It is one of the red brick warehouse group lined up in the bay area that is part of the scene symbolizing Hakodate. These brick buildings give you a feel of history and their sidewalk of stone pavement creates a romantic retro atmosphere! Nearly 2 million tourists visit each year from Japan and abroad.
The stately brick warehouse was actually used from 1909 as a warehouse of Kanamori Fudosan store which opened in 1887 by Hakodate’s luxury merchant · Kumashiro Watanabe(渡邊熊四郎).
The marks on the scale and the forest leave trees drawn largely on the wall are their trademark. This warehouse group is also a valuable in conveying the history of the city.
Kumashiro who worked hard to develop Hakodate is also known as Hakodate Shitenno, and is loved locally. Along with photographs of Kumashiro, his achievements are also introduced in the warehouse. Knowing Kumashiro’s accomplishment, while looking at the warehouse, will definitely allow you to experience a different impression of the place.

Enjoy the different atmosphere in each of the four areas!

The warehouse group is divided into four areas, each atmosphere is different. There are shops with miscellaneous goods, souvenir shops and restaurants. There is “Kanemori hall” which is a venue for concerts etc..
There is “BAY Hakodate,” which is an area surrounding a canal with two warehouses. The bridging hall connecting the warehouses has a bridge across the canal and you can enjoy the view with a different line of sight. If you are lucky, you may be able to see a boat cruise by underneath you!
“Kanemori Yomono kan” has a glamorous atmosphere, crowded with more than 20 shops including imported grocery stores. There are also exciting facilities such as a place where the postmark of Santa Claus is produced. The “Brick lab” is a place where you can go back to your childhood and play a block game.
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“Hakodate History Plaza” has an atmosphere where you can feel the spirit of the past times, including Hakodate Beer Hall. There is also a spacious intermission space, which is ideal for taking a break. While enjoying shopping and meals, please enjoy the atmosphere of each area.

Shop for various Hakodate limited items!

There are about 50 shops and two facilities located in the warehouses. There is everything from accessories and clothes to sweets to special character goods. If you are visiting on a trip and are looking for local limited items, even Kanamori red brick warehouse has limited goods which can only be purchased there.
Bay Singlers in Hakodate is an accessory store dealing with dyed goods like Hakodate products using squid ink. They have cloth accessories such as towels and bags. As many as 200 items are displayed. Products stained with sepia color and squid ink are cute and distinctive!
Look for the popular squid strap (800 yen), design with a motif of squid. The quality of these handmade goods can be seen and felt. This is one of the few shops that deal with squid ink dye products so there is a sense of rarity throughout the store.

Their limited item cheese omelets is popular throughout the whole country!

Even those who want souvenirs of sweets, there are many options. There is the famous local shop, Snaffles at Kanemori Yomono kan. They have more than 20 types of products including cheese omelets that are famous nationwide, roll cake and baked confectionery.
Strawberry flavor cheese omelet is a limited item that started being sold at two stores in the city including the Kanamori branch. They also feature the Hakodate special product “Hakodate Koi Ichigo.” It has a sweet and sour smooth texture that is exquisite.
cheeze cake
In the corner of the shop, there is also a stand where you can have cheese omelet with coffee. In addition to cheese and chocolate, you can also taste the strawberry flavor on the spot. You can enjoy these treats in the shop or take them home as souvenirs. Also, you can enjoy delicious sandwiches at the adjacent sister store “Gourmand Kanta”.

Day and night, summer and winter. Enjoy the Warehouses in different atmosphere!

The area is all lit up at night and the bay area turns into a romantic view that is different from the daytime. The light that shines at the warehouse edges appears to be shimmering on the surface of a swaying ocean. You can also enjoy the beauty from Mt. Hakodate.
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The event space in the back of the canal provides a beautiful contrast between the darkness and the shining. Many of the shops close at 7 p.m., but some of the restaurants are open until 9 p.m. so it is good to have a night walk with dinner as well.

Photo provided: Hakodate city tourist department

Also, during the Hakodate Christmas fantasy in December, Illumination of the trees make it even more fantastic scenery.
Not only can you enjoy shopping and eating, the Kanemori red brick warehouse provides a nice view. It is also close to the Jujigai station of the tram, and the Motomachi area is within walking distance, so it’s a perfect place to visit the start of Hakodate journey.

Smart tip
  • The information center also provides tourist information in the city as well as bicycle rental. You can rent a stroller that can be used in the area. They also provide support so everyone can do sightseeing smoothly.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available and is helpful in making plans for sightseeing while sitting on the benches interspersed in the warehouse.
  • Brick lab in "Kanemori Yomono kan" is a space where you can play block games free of charge. It is devised so that you can enjoy it from adults to toddlers, so it is perfect when you want to play slowly with family and couples.
What's interesting

The scenery around the canal is particularly beautiful and recommended. Cafes and restaurants in the warehouse are all wonderful, but the croissant sandwiches of the sister shop "Guruman Kanta" adjacent to Snafls is delicious and reasonably priced.