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Enjoy Susukino’s Norbesa Rooftop Noria Ferris Wheel!


Photo provided: Norbesa

The Noria Ferris wheel is located in the center of the city, it has a height of 234 feet above the ground. You can see the Sapporo station on the northern side as well as Sapporo TV Tower and Susukino, Moiwa Mountain, Mt. Ohkurayama and West Maruyama. The Noria Ferris wheel is located on the top floor of the 7th floor of the commercial building “Norbesa.” You can enjoy the 360-degree view from there. In the daytime, you can see TV towers and buildings that are landmarks, check where you’ve been and where you want to go, or just enjoy the romantic view.
From the Noria you are able to enjoy the scenery that changes with each time zone. You can go straight to the Ferris wheel station on the 7th floor of Norbesa by elevator. It is safe for children and those using wheelchairs.


Enjoy the enchanted 360 degrees night view of Sapporo from 234 feet above the ground!


Photo provided: Norbesa

The diameter of the Ferris wheel is 135 feet. At night it is lit up with a colorful neon tube, and looks like a big firework display in the Susukino sky.
The Noria takes about 10 minutes per lap, offering a 360-degree view that you can watch slowly. It is open throughout the four seasons. You can enjoy the views of each of the four seasons. Especially nice is the view of nearby Odori Park in the Winter, the green mountains surrounding the city of Sapporo in the Summer, and the Autumn colors.

Photo provided: Norbesa

Views change every day, at dusk, and at night, every time zone, so even if you ride many times it will always seem fresh. At night the “Sapporo TV Tower” is lit up, and in the Winter you can see the “Sapporo White Illumination.” It is very romantic. Enjoy this night view of Sapporo, which was selected as one of Japan’s “Three Major Night Scenes,” alongside Kobe and Nagasaki by the Night Scenic Sightseeing Convention Bureau’ in October 2015!

Family, friends, students, couples, even one person can enjoy!

Each gondola holds four people. Families, small groups, couples as well as single people enjoy this ride! The view spreads out 360 degrees from the center of Sapporo and its slowly changing views are unique!
The speed of gondola is constant, but the speed seems different when it rises and falls. In the school trip excursion season, there are many groups of middle and high school students who visit. Of course, it is extremely popular also for foreign tourists.

One gondola is decorated with a playful spirit, as a special project for Christmas!


Photo provided: Norbesa

There are 32 gondolas in total. Mostly pink, but in autumn during the Halloween season and in the winter, one gondola per season will be fashionably decorated. During the Christmas season, you can drink champagne in the gondola (a drink fee of 1,000 yen to 1,500 yen per cup is required separately). It is perfect for making special memories for families and friends, as well as for couples who want to get closer. In addition, there is a large number of eating and drinking establishments in the building. There are opening to the rooftop where the Ferris wheel can be seen from the beginning of June to the end of August. In the summer there are fireworks displays, and you can ride, drink and enjoy the fireworks.

Certified as a power spot, the yellow gondola is rumored to “grow the love!”

In addition to the seasonal wrapped gondola, there is a yellow one that is regarded as a color that calls for happiness. If you are the couple who happens to get on this gondola, it is rumored that “your love will grow stronger”.
The Norbesa Ferris Wheel is one of the five power spots in the city that was approved by the Sapporo Tourism Association in April 2014.
There is a mini torii and a donation box entitled “Norbesa Shrine” set up near the platform, and an ema card (200 yen) and Omikuji (100 yen) are on sale.
Many ema cards with wishes for love fulfillment and acceptance prayers, are hanging on the votive panel.

Smart tip
  • The fee is 600 yen per person per person, but for 2 laps it costs 800 yen. Also, if you are riding a gondola for 4 people, 4 people will cost 2,000 yen, which is profitable. For JAF members, up to two people per member card will be deducted 100 yen.
  • It is about 7 minutes on foot from Sapporo municipal subway Nanboku Line Odori station, about 2 minutes from Susukino station 2 exit, and about 3 minutes from Tanuki Koujidentei station on the tram (tram). It is easy to go even on rainy or snowy days. Wheelchair users will also have easy access thanks to barrier-free specifications.
  • On Friday, Saturday, the day before the holiday, it is open from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m.! After dating and parties, you can add to the enjoyment of the evening by experiencing the night view.
What's interesting

If you are riding the Ferris wheel and turning slowly in the center of the city, you will experience a unique feeling of floating. Heating in the gondola seats allows you to enjoy the ride even in the winter.