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Enjoy nature and the art designs of Isamu Noguchi at Moerenuma Park!

Moerenuma Park, is a global sculptor representing the 20th century. The park is mostly the design of Isamu Noguchi(イサムノグチ), an artist who has worked in a wide range of fields including garden and park environment design and interior design. Within this site (which is the size of about 40 Tokyo Domes) there are playgrounds designed by Isamu Noguchi. There are also cherry woods, a pyramid of glass, and mountains that become symbols. In addition to just being a place to view the art, this open park is a place to play.


Play at the art park in the suburbs of Sapporo City!

From the center of Sapporo city, get on the bus at the Subway Hoto line Kanjotori Higashi station. About 25 minutes further down the line is the Moerenuma Park, located in the northeastern suburbs. It is dotted with 15 facilities such as Moere Mountain, Moere Beach and Sakura no Mori. It is a perfect spot for those wishing to explore nature or participate in active play. To efficiently explore such a large site, a rental cycle, that is available in the east exit parking lot is convenient.

The masterpiece is a glass pyramid

One of the symbols of the park is a pyramid of glass that 97 feet in height. This gigantic pyramid of glass is very powerful. Sitting in Harmony with surrounding natural landscapes, such as cherry woods and white birch forests, it was created as a symbol. Inside the park there are Isamu Noguchi’s galleries, shops and restaurants, along with play equipment designed by Isamu Noguchi. They are objects of art that you can actually play on!

Spend time liberally, feeling the mountains and forest!

Sakura ‘s forest is a place where you can play with artistic playthings. Mount Moere is a play mountain where you can enjoy the feeling of a little climbing. Moale beach is where you can play in the water in the summer. It has a fountain which is activated two to four times a day. The landscape harmonizing with nature is created an excellent open feeling. It is a real pleasure to feel the refreshing wind of Hokkaido while spending leisure time in lush nature.

[3] Offer Photo: Moerenuma Park