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Have an extraordinary experience in nature at Kiroro resort!

Kiroro resort in Akaigawa Mura village is about 40 minutes from Otaru City by car, about 1 hour from Sapporo city, and about 2 hours from New Chitose Airport. It is a popular resort near Sapporo compared in popularity to Niseko and Rusutsu. Kiroro is surrounded by mountains and forests. In the Summer it is wrapped in deep green and is a popular area where you can fully enjoy nature. You can also enjoy the outdoor activities in the forest, mountains and rivers as well. While listening to the sound of the river running through the forest, it is also good to not have to concern yourself with the “time of the day” as it passes. It is also a great time to treat yourself to a visit to the hot springs, and beauty treatments at their luxury hotels. In the Winter it is a charming world of powered snow that attracts many fans from Hokkaido and around the world to “Kiroro Snow World” for skiing! Kiroro continues to attract visitors regardless of the time of year. Once you visit, you too will be addicted to its charm!


A nature resort free from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Kiroro resort in Akaigawa village has good access from Sapporo and Otaru. It is surrounded by the beauty of nature including mountains. It is slightly away from the national highway, and there are not any conspicuous buildings in the neighborhood, so it may be a little difficult to spot! It is a “nature resort” that is free from the hustle and bustle of the city where time flows by slowly!
There are two luxury accommodations based in Kiroro: the “Sheraton” at the foot of the mountain and the “Tribute portfolio hotel Hokkaido” in the center of the whole resort. Both of them offer a relaxing resort stay, including gourmet, hot springs and beauty treatments. From these hotels, you can also enjoy neighboring sightseeing attractions such as Otaru and Shakotan.

Play in nature!

There are lots of ways to “play” in the wilderness spread around Kiroro! You can enjoy playing tennis and park golf cheap, going out for a walk, riding a Segway, buggy, mountain bike, or unifying with nature with canyoning (river-breezing activity) in nearby rivers. There are countless ways to play in Kiroro.
Among them is “bubble soccer!” You get inside a “big bubble” that covers your entire body completely, except for your feet. When playing soccer, it does not hurt when you run into others or fall down. There is also “bubble sumo!” Of course it’s fun to try, but it is even fun just watching! It is nice to play while feeling a refreshing breeze in the nature of Hokkaido!

One of the best snow resorts in Hokkaido!

When speaking of Kiroro, many people think of ski resorts? The amount of snow, and the number of courses makes Kiroro one of the best ski resorts in Hokkaido. They have 21 diverse courses covering three mountains “Nagamine” “Asazato ” and “Yoichi”. You can enjoy exhilarating cruising on runs as long as about 1 ½ miles. There are plenty of other activities to enjoy at Kiroro in the winter. In addition to the classic snowshoes and snowmobiles, you can enjoy other unique ways to explore Kiroro, including a spectacular panoramic tour on a snow Segway or ride on a snow car!

Provided photo: Kiroro resort