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Exciting and impressive entertainment Spend the best holiday at Rusutsu Resort

“Rusutsu Resort”, Hokkaido’s largest resort, is famous as a place to play in amusement parks and outdoor activities in the summer, and as a ski area where you can enjoy powder snow in winter.
It takes about 90 minutes by car from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport. Do you know that that is one of the best scenic spots in Hokkaido? From the “Yotei Panorama Terrace” which opens from the spring to autumn, you can see a panoramic view of 360 degrees. With Mt. Yotei as the main, you can see the sea of clouds, sunset, etc.
You can play, be healed, and be moved in the wilderness of Hokkaido. A place where any generation will be happy and filled… This is the Rusutsu Resort.


Want to see it one in the lifetime! A wonderful view of the sea of clouds

“West Mountain (Sorioi-yama)” with 715 meters altitude spreads behind the Rusutsu Resort amusement park. “Yotei Panorama Terrace” in at the top of this mountain. You can go to the summit on the gondola or by car.
“Yotei-zan Mountain floating in the sea of clouds” is the view that everyone wants to see. Because the seasonal incidence of the sea of clouds is the highest throughout the year, the gondola runs in the early morning from June to July. There is also a limited gondola in the sunset time during the summer vacation period. The sea of clouds spreading under the eyes, and Mt. Yotei rises up in its. If there is a real heaven, it may be this scenery and this place.

You cannot play in only one day! Summer Rusutsu

Speaking of Rusutsu in summer, various activities with amusement park and nature are famous. The amusement park is the largest in Hokkaido! In addition to enjoying with 60 kinds of attractions, there are a lot of activities to play in nature such as canoeing and rafting, cycling by a mountain bike, horse riding, golf, etc. After enjoying those activities, the excellent Hokkaido gourmet is waiting for you!
Rusutsu is full of charm of Hokkaido in summer. With couples, with your husband or wife, with a family, or on a girl’s journey. Rusutsu is a place where everyone can spend the best time.

A paradise of powder snow in winter!

As winter comes, snow keeps falling almost every day at Rusutsu. It changes into a snow resort that draws attention from overseas. A vast slope consisting of three mountains does not make you feel crowded. You can ski while looking down at Mt. Yotei on a sunny day. It’s also attractive that they have so many activities that you can enjoy except skiing and snowboarding, such as a dogsled, snowmobiles, horseback riding, making Kamakura, and so on.
An accommodation with a plentiful resort feeling and it’s surrounded by white snow and illuminations. You can feel the beauty of snowy country there. Why don’t you make extraordinary experiences at Rusutsu Resort in winter?