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Haruka Horse Ranch is where you can enjoy horseback riding in nature, even in the winter!

It takes 30 to 40 minutes from the center of Sapporo via highway to reach Haruka Horse Ranch. It is about 30 minutes from Otaru. It is a place anyone can enjoy horseback riding in nature. To get there just go down the narrow road that branches off from National Route 5 towards the mountain. The road which is paved soon turns to gravel. It is about 1 ¼ miles path into the wildness.
Once you see a signboard the parking lot is on the right. When you stop the car, go up the slope and on the left-hand side will be the clubhouse.
All horseback riding courses are in the mountains. After you have received an explanation about how to ride a horse you proceed with the guide to the forest.
They have two courses open all year round. On both you can enjoy a spectacular view of the blue Ishikari Bay from the top of the mountain. In the spring you can see the new leaves. In the summer there is the green of the forest. Then the autumn leaves and snowy winter.
people riding
The view of the natural wonders of the four seasons from the horse is exceptional.
Even people who have ridden horses before will feel fresh and excited from riding in the mountains.


Children can enjoy their first-time horseback riding with their parents.

Haruka Ranch carries people on quarter horses. It is the kind the cowboy has used at work. They are well trained which makes it safe to ride even for beginners. If your child is over 4’ 6’’ tall, they can enjoy hose trekking with the reins alone. Even families with small children can ride.
mom and boy
Shown here is “roped horse child trekking” which has a horse pulled by the staff. The ride lasts about 10 minutes for 1,080 yen (including tax). Then there is “Family trekking” which last about 30 minutes for 4,320 yen (tax included). These are courses for three or more including an adult and two people who are less than 4’ 6” tall.
The experiences of seeing the nature of Hokkaido while being carried by the horse will create fun memories.

On a sunny day you can go through the forest road to the top of the mountain and have a magnificent view of Ishikari Bay.

“Relaxing and enjoying nature on a horse” is the basic theme of the Haruka Horse Ranch. Before departure, the staff will explain how to hold the reins and how to give instructions to the horse in an easy-to-understand manner. So it is important to listen to the instructions thoroughly.
After departure, you will slowly proceed through the forest road while enjoying the scenery. The main courses are “Halsta trekking,” which lasts about 50 minutes for 4,320 yen (tax included) and “River trekking,” which lasts about 90 minutes for 9,720 yen (tax included). “Harsta trekking” goes through the forest road to the top of the mountain.
On sunny days you can see the beautiful view of Ishikari Bay. On the horse, the line of sight becomes higher than usual, and the field of your view expands. “River trekking” is a course that goes down from the summit where you go with “Harsta trekking.” You go in a direction different from the way you came and cross the stream then go to the top of the next mountain. There is no other course in Hokkaido that will allow you a river crossing, which will certainly be a memorable experience.

Enjoy Horseback riding through all four seasons. Even Hokkaido’s winter is a real pleasure.

From the fresh plants in the spring to the green of the summer forest, to the beautiful autumn leaves to the winter snow falls, You can enjoy horseback riding through all four seasons at the Haruka Horse Ranch.
Even though winter in Hokkaido is very cold, riding in the winter it is recommended. In the winter when the leaves have fallen off the trees, the view is better. “It is a pleasure to see the footprints of animals walking on the snow,” said Takeshi Okuhara, the representative. In the winter, there are snow walls on both sides of the trail and there are places where the path is just wide enough for the horse to pass through.
From December to March, you can also experience “Long trekking,” which takes about 120 minutes for 12,960 yen (tax included). It can only be done in the snow season.
This course goes further along the path used on the “River trekking.”
Though it is a long treck it is safe for beginners and one-person participation is OK.

Their warm-hearted dogs provide real hospitality!

Haruka Horse Ranch has two dogs that act as customer service agents. There is a Golden Retriever named Muta and a Shiba Inu named Raiya. Both are passionate with plenty of charm. When you stop the car in the parking lot, the two dogs will come to pick you up. It is Muta who is in the picture below.
One of the attractions of this ranch is the chance to interact with these dogs before and after riding. Another thrill is spending time in the clubhouse. Decorated with western hats, the atmosphere is like being in a western-style ranch.
In the winter, sitting enjoying a drink in a warm clubhouse by a wood-burning stove, while watching the snowy scenery of the window is a real treat. After horseback riding, you can spend a warm pleasant time in the Hokkaido winter.

Smart tip
  • Except for the busy season such as summer vacation or consecutive holidays, reservations made on the day of your arrival is OK! It is also no problem if you want to add one more person to your party. In the case of a group, the maximum number for one team is six.
  • Basically everyone will proceed slowly on the horses, but for repeat visitors they will allow you to go a little faster.
  • You can ride in the rain or snow as long as it is not dangerous weather, such as strong winds, lightning strikes, or whiteouts of snowstorms. Boots and warm clothes (jackets and over pants) are available for free.
What's interesting

The ranch uses Western style saddles. People who usually ride horses using British style saddles will enjoy a different feeling than usual. In winter, the warm temperature of the horse is very comforting.