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The Furano ski area captures the Winter charm of Hokkaido!


Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

Furano ski resort is one of the more popular of Hokkaido’s ski resorts! The beauty of the landscape of Biei town, as well as the Central and the Tokachi mountain ranges is superb! It is known for its unique beauty and high-quality powder snow. Weather at the Furano ski resort is stable compared to other ski resorts such as Niseko, and Kiroro. While it has a little less snow accumulation its mild weather and beautiful scenery makes it very popular. It has been chosen 10 times as one of the best international ski venues.

Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

There is also après-ski activities at the foot of the ski slopes as well as hotels and guesthouses. Furano City Center is 10 minutes by car. It is a very pretty little town and a popular tourist attraction due to the fact that 2 popular dramas “Kita no Kuni Kara” and “Yasashii Jikan” are filmed here. The Furano ski area is a great place to go for a Hokkaido winter get away!


Two areas, varied courses!

Furano ski area has a total of 23 runs. The longest run being a distance of 2 ½ miles. (the longest in the province). The resort is divided into two distinctive areas, the Kitanomine zone and the Furano zone.

Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

Closest to the city, is the old “Kitanomine zone.” You can take the six-seater gondola to the top. There are no beginner courses from the top! It is a great place for experienced skiers to “skate” down the mountain.
At the foot of the Kitanomine zone is the town of Furano. The town offers rich, distinctive dining and a warm, charming old town atmosphere. It is a great place to come to enjoy après-ski activities.

You can also enjoy the “Furano zone!”


Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

The Furano is a newer area that was developed in the late Showa period. Its
courses are characterized by peaks and valleys. The vast Furano basin offers amazing views from a height of 3600 feet above sea level. The view of the Tokachi mountain range is spectacular! “this is Hokkaido!”
You can get to the top on their high speed 101 passenger Gondola the “Furano ropeway”. There are limited seats, so many just stand and enjoy the views from the large windows as they go up to the summit.
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Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

The Furano Prince Hotel located at the foot of the resort has excellent après-ski activities, spas and shopping. Also, plenty of ski and snowboard Winter activity.

Their winter charm is not only enjoyed on the slopes!


Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

Furano ski area is not just for snow skiing. There are other very intriguing and fun activities to partake in.
On a clear winter night, you can go up the Furano ropeway lift station 2700 feet above sea level and experience the “Furano winter night sky Explorer tour.” Right beside New Furano Prince Hotel is the “Waku Waku family snow land.” Guests can enjoy a variety of activities including rafting and snowmobiling.

Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

You can pay as you go or purchase an unlimited activities pass (2600 Yen/hour)! In Late December the New Furano Prince Hotel at the foot of the village has snow and ice sculptures.

This resort is easy to Access!

Asahikawa airport is located approximately one hour away by car. There are buses available to take you from the
Asahikawa airport to Furano. You can also get to Furano from the Haneda airport.

Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

It is less than a two-hour drive from New Chitose Airport. There is also a bus that comes to the resort about six times. Rates are 4000 yen one way and it takes about 3 hours. Biei-Cho and Asahiyama Zoo are nearby, so you can do a few other things on your ski trip! And don’t worry if you come “empty handed.” They have a “Hands-free set” which includes skis or Board set with a half day pass (5 hours) for 8100 yen. With this you can enjoy the ski slopes even if you didn’t plan ahead.

Come in the winter or summer and you will want to come back again!


Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

Whether you come in the winter or summer, you will surely want to visit again! The Furano attractions
have become very popular tourists stops, Like the location for the filming of the famous drama “Kita no Kuni Kara”, The hotel at the base of Furano ski area is recommended.

Photos: New Furano Prince Hotel

This resort is worth visiting in both the summer and winter. The panoramic view of from the summit is something worth seeing at night or early in the morning. You can immerse yourself in the Furano nature.

Smart tip
  • If you ski well we recommend the Kitanomine zone in the North. The ropeway in the Furano zone may take a while when crowded.
  • A taxi to The Kitanomine zone from Furano city costs about 3000 Yen.
  • Ningle terrace beside the New Furano Prince Hotel is where you want to stop! Available in this place are handmade craft shops.
What's interesting

Compared to other famous ski resorts like of Niseko, Kiroro, and Rusutsu, Furano ski area almost never feels crowded. It is the best place to go if you want to take your time skiing.